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Popping Tums Over Your Business?

Getting leads or sales, but not seeing your bank balance where you want it to be?

“If you could have a billboard anywhere, what would it say?”

Marc Andreessen was recently asked this question… Marc’s cranked out nearly as many successful businesses as the Beatles have crooned out #1 HITS.

His response, which brings pure delight and bliss to my soul??


(Sorry for the larger font, billboards are big.) 😊


After billions and billions made.

After consulting company after company.

He said he’d plaster those words front and center in the heart of San Francisco.

There’s one teeny-weeny thing Marky Marc said which I want you to tune-in to today.

Conventional wisdom says, price cheap. More people can buy. You’ll get volume and can grow.

Time and time again… this is proven WRONG.

This puts YOU into “too hungry to eat” mode.

If you don’t charge enough? Can you afford the SALES and MARKETING required to get anyone to buy from you?

THAT is the point!
YES! Boom!
This is how you scale, correct?

We’ve talked about this before…
Traffic, Conversions, and Economics.
You need traffic to send to your offer.
You need a mechanism to CONVERT that offer to sales.
And perhaps… the most important piece of the puzzle 98% are missing?
The ECONOMICS MUST work out so you make a tidy profit and can keep the lights on!


If you’re selling a product for $47.
And it’s costing you $75 to get to a sale?
You’re not going to be in business too long, right?
If you’re earning $1000 per sale, and you’re spending $300 in ads spend…
Sure, you’re spending more on Ads, but isn’t that better?

Much better?

Because now you’re not losing money, you’re making money…

And when you have this all dialed-in?

Your biggest problem may be finding enough money to invest into your business!

Which is a GOOD problem, BTW…

This is how peeps go from $1k months, to $10k months, to $100k months…

They’re just increasing their Ad Spend because it’s churning out profits that allows them to do so.

Simple enough, right?

Let’s get you rolling ASAP?

===> Step 1 begins here…


Joseph Smith

PS Millions in big ticket commissions are being paid out month after month… How long are you willing to wait before you start getting your share of the profits??

Open-Up If You Check Email More Than 5X A Day

Distracted? Overwhelmed? Too much on your plate and never enough time?

If you want to rapidly have more coins dropping in your piggy-bank?

You’ve got to address this Q…

Are you on the OFFENSE or DEFENSE?

…One causes lots of overwhelm.

…The other provides a LIFESTYLE.

Being on the defensive means feeling owned by your INBOX 24/7/365.

Always having to be ON.

Becoming victim to OTHER PEOPLE’S demands, needs, desires and dreams, over your own.

Being on the OFFENSE means having the time to think, to do what you want to do, to build what you want to build.

To invest in and grow in the relationships that you want.

Making sense?
See the need for escape from the defense?

My suggestion?

Build a CABIN around your business.

Here’s what I mean…
I was reading about a Silicon Valley investor who has been an early-stage investor in dozens of companies like…
Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Kickstarter, Twilio, and on and on and on…

Yet, far from Silicon Valley, he lives in a cabin out in the middle of the boondocks.

He considers that cabin one of his best investments EVER.

People love the mountains. Potential investors come to HIM. He’s building quality relationships and connections…
He’s traded-in mindless daily meetings, coffee-meetups, and late night social dinners he never wanted to go to in the first place!
Now, all the action happens at what he calls his “Jam Pad” and his “Jam Tub!”

(The hot tub out back.) 😊

So how you can profit wildly from all this?

Well, you DO NOT have to invest in a Cabin out in Tahoe backcountry.

Start by asking yourself this question:
What daily challenges have you assigned yourself? And which of those are you doing simply to please someone else?
(e.g. Your inbox is like a to-do list that anyone in the world can add an action item to.)


Build a “cabin-like” GETAWAY to protect yourself from each of them…
Picture yourself out in the woods, with a certain goal you have in mind…
And don’t let the distractions IN!

Making sense?

If you’ve set aside 7-9 PM three days a week to build up a side-business that could earn $1k to $5k+ a month?
Then lock yourself away in your “cabin” and don’t let email, FB, Instagram, or ANY distractions in your doors…
When you’ve got this extra time now to think, to build, to grow cool stuff?

Then your income, happiness, and life can start to grow and scale rapidly.

Hope this helps?

If you’d like an income model that will allow you to tuck yourself away in a cabin a few hours a day….
And turn that time into up to $1k to $10k paydays that’ll make your moms and pops, kiddos and spouse PROUD?

(And maybe a few friends will wonder what the heck you’re doing now…!)

Then I’d be honored if you checked this out and let me know what you think?

===> Yes! Show me the details to rolling in my own paydays up to $1k, $2k to $10k!



Joseph Smith

Reels In Whopper – Like Commissions

What size fish is your money-bait attracting?

Until you’ve already experienced it, it can seem that it would be 10X harder to earn…
Ten-thousand bucks.
Than it would take…
To reel in one-hundred.
Yet the complete opposite is true!
Think of it this way…

Is it harder to catch a 50-lb. whopper of a fish than to catch a hyper minnow with ADHD??


Do you just need to fish in a DIFFERENT POND?
…Maybe using a different LURE?
Again, not harder, right?
Just comes down to your preference.

You can steer your fishing boat out into the internet waters every day, and pull in a dozen or so fish…
Or… if you prefer?

You can just set your bait out 1-2 a month and catch the whales that can feed your family well… maybe VERY WELL!

That’s what makes this business model I’m going to show you today so powerful.

You’re getting the pond to fish in, the types of ethical “bait” to reel in win/win sales…

And the high commission OFFERS have already been crafted FOR YOU to profit from!

All you have to do is start casting out your line in the waters.

Making sense?

Want to fish with us?

===> Yes! I’m ready to reel-in up to $1k, $5k, $10k and up paydays without extra effort!

We’ll start with nice $1k commissions till
you’re used to casting in the waters.
Then you’ll start reeling in bigger and bigger fish, day by day…
Don’t be surprised if you even catch a couple whales! (A whale is a $5k to $10k PLUS commission.)

Click here now.


Joseph Smith

Cutco’s Biggest Flaw

It’s Cutco season.

Young men and women are graduating from high school all across the country, and they’re taking part in what has become an American rite of passage:

The mysterious letter from a company called “Vector.”

What it is, of course, is a job offer for a door-to-door sales position.

Don’t get me wrong– I think it’s good for young people to test their mettle in door-to-door salies. It helps them develop individual initiative, persuasive articulacy, and resilience in rejection.

But after these young people put in hours and hours pounding the pavement, all they’re left with is a big, “Thank you for making us money!”

The central major difference between building a business in the 12 Minute Affiliate Program and selling Cutco knives for Vector is a completely different end game.

Vector will give you some paychecks.

The 12 Minute Affiliate Program will set you up with continuous passive income streams.

If two graduates stopped investing their time in Vector and The 12 Minute Affiliate System, only one of them would still be collecting checks at the same time next year.

How does that sound?

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Joseph Smith

The Ghost Question

I have an annoying question for you.

It’s annoying because, if you’re honest, your answer will bug you.

It’s not profound.
It’s not magic.
I’m no counselor or sage.

It doesn’t even matter if you tell me your answer or not.

Or whether you realize the answer later today, next week, or in a month from now.

The key is–if you want it to bug you–to let it sink in for a few seconds before skipping to your next email.


What would you do
if you were not afraid?

I dare you to answer it.

If you ever want to give me the privilege of hearing your answer…

Click here and take action today.


Joseph Smith

I Want To Help You

I read every night before bed, and I recently thought to myself, “You know what sounds awesome? Reading by candlelight.”

So, I got things ready:
– I drew up a design
– Went out and bought the pieces of wood
– Checked to make sure I had the right drill bits
– Pulled out my handsaw
– Pulled some tea candles out of a box in the closet
– Checked the garage for my old whittling knife…

But I couldn’t find the whittling knife anywhere.

I checked the kitchen knife drawer, two closets, the garage, under the beds, and everywhere else I could think to, but I could not find my damn knife.

I promptly became frustrated and started to feel bad for myself.

(You know, like a healthy, productive person doesn’t do.)

There’s nothing like being all set to go on a new project, but missing the most important tools.

The 12 Minute Affiliate Program prides itself on knowing all the steps it takes to set up a consistent and reliable money-making system (a.k.a., a good business), and having all the right tools.

We have…
– a fool-proof 3-step system
– executive coaches
– a supportive community
– web design team
– product creation team
– phone sales team
– copy-writing team (glad to meet you, by the way!)
– order fulfillment team
– customer satisfaction team

All we’re missing is you.

You already have an idea of the good life, but you’ve been missing some key tools. We think we know where most of them are.

We’re usually right, and I think we’re right in your case as well.

If you think that may be true…

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Joseph Smith

Learn Sales From St Patrick

Do you know the real story of St. Patrick’s Day?

You know, the day that Americans celebrate by getting riotously drunk and vomiting in the Chicago River?

Or by cooking the cheapest, fattiest cuts of over-salted corned beef?

Or… (you get the point)

The man behind the myth was a diligent salesmen/monk who paved the way for the conversion of Ireland to the Christian religion.

Say what you want about religion – this guy knew how to qualify and convert leads.

If he were alive and (still) kicking today, The 12 Minute Affiliate Program would have him in to train our students.

As it is, we’re hard at work turning people like you into dynamic, effective salesmen who score high on the only sales metric that matters: income.

Take our challenge seriously enough, and you’ll get good.

And then who knows? Maybe some country you haven’t heard of will start drinking green beer in your honor 1,000 years from now.

Click here today.


Joseph Smith

Could You Sell Something In 6 Seconds?

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t understand Snapchat, chances are you have no clue what Vine was. But if you take a moment for a quick pop culture lesson, you’ll discover a way to work from your own computer and make a fortune doing it.

Vine was a social media platform where people posted videos up to six seconds long that then looped. If that sounds too simple to work to you then you need to brush up on your pop culture, because Vine was hugely popular for several years.

The value of Vine was the fact that it took advantage of shrinking attention spans. Nowadays, people can’t wait in line or even watch a 30 second ad without pulling out their phone so Vine videos were easy to watch. But even when your product is something as simple as 6 second videos, staying relevant online is difficult.

It’s so difficult that Twitter shut down Vine after too many people had stopped using it.

So if a site that specialised in 6 second videos couldn’t hold the attention of the average internet user, how is anyone supposed to advertise online?

Few people know the answer and even fewer have the infrastructure to pull it off. Fortunately for you, one of those people is Devon, and he is opening the door to his 12 Minute Affiliate system so that anyone can use it.

Devon’s 12 Minute Affiliate system is an online program where people place prepared ads on sites like Craigslist and Facebook from their own computers and get the sales commissions.

The 12 Minute System works so well that if you don’t earn a commissions within 30 days of finishing your training then you’ll get the start up fee you payed to join back .

Do the math and you’ll see that’s a hell of a return for only 30 days.

And that’s if the system doesn’t work for you.

Want to see how much you can earn if it does?

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Joseph Smith

Your Chance At Elite Knowledge

Unless you live in New Zealand, you might have not heard about why Apple is in hot water, but if you keep reading to find out why, you’ll have the chance to be earning a 6 figure salary in only a year from now.

It’s no secret that huge companies like Apple exploit loopholes in tax code to increase how much money they take home at the end of the day, but do you know just how much they actually do?

The news was just released this week that of the $4.2 billion worth of product Apple sold in New Zealand, they paid a whopping $0.00 in local taxes.

How is that possible?

Because Apple has specialized knowledge.

Apple takes advantage of loopholes in tax code all over the world by finding and hiring the people who know the codes best. You probably heard about their deal with Ireland, where they were able to avoid paying an estimated $59 billion in U.S. taxes, and it’s all thanks to the fact that they’ve been in business long enough to know how to take advantage of the system.

Of course the average person hates hearing this news because they don’t get nearly the same type of tax breaks.

But here’s a chance for the average person to get a break and access the same type of specialized that Apple uses to save billions.

Devon slugged his way through the digital marketing world all the way to the top using a system called 12 Minute Affiliate Program, and along the way he earned the experience that helps companies like Apple keeps billions of dollars.

And now he is sharing his system with anyone who has the drive to follow his footsteps.

If you want to access that type of elite knowledge that earned him over $51,373,000 over 5 years, click below to jump start your climb to the top.



Joseph Smith

Taco Tuesday And Online Advertising

What does Taco Tuesday have to do with online advertising?

Taco John’s is a fast food chain with around 400 restaurants serving Mexican fast food, so of course they are the type of place that would advertise by saying Taco Tuesday.

But what sets Taco John’s apart from every other restaurant is that they claim that they were the first ones to use Taco Tuesday. They even trademarked it. And now they spend who knows how much time and money sending cease and desist letters to restaurants that advertise Taco Tuesday.

Even though the law is on their side, Taco John’s is losing the battle, because Taco Tuesday is already too popular for them to stop everyone from saying it, and no one knows that they were the ones who came up with it.

But that’s what happens when you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd.

Taco John’s hit the jackpot when they came up with Taco Tuesday, but they didn’t have the expertise to market it and attach it to their brand alone.

You might come up with a genius ad that could earn thousands in commissions online, but if you don’t know how to present it and where to place it then it will be as worthless as Taco Tuesday.

That’s why you should work with 12 Minute Affiliate Program.

The 12 Minute is an online affiliate program where individuals place ads online using the 12 Minute system from their own computer and receive the sales commissions.

If you join the 12 Minute Program, not only will you be taught how to place ads online and maximize your commissions by your own personal mentor, but you’ll learn the 1 thing 99% of all businesses are missing from their formula.

You have the ability to earn a fortune through online advertising, click below and let the 12 Minute Affiliate Program help you uncover it.



Joseph Smith