3 Ways The 12 Minute Affiliate Program Will Devastate Your Resume

Working with The 12 Minute Affiliate Program might sabotage your employability by encouraging you to develop unhealthy working habits.

As much as we love The 12 Minute Affiliate Program, we must admit that many of our people fail to learn these highly employable habits.

– Learning how to repay student loans. Yours or your children’s. For whatever reason, most of our business owners never end up taking out student loans.

– Becoming a proficient driving schedule coordinator. Some families know exactly who needs to be dropped off where, when, and by whom, and how quickly they need to get the car back home for Greg to drive himself to bowling club.

– Developing creativity in the kitchen. Saying “Yes” to The 12 Minute Affiliate Program has made some of our people lazy… they’ll throw away yesterday’s soup instead of turning it into tomorrow’s pasta sauce.

“Thin times” are great for developing the strategic and administrative skills that look great on a resume.
But our folks don’t seem to need resumes anymore.

If this terrifies you as much as it should… DO NOT…

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Joseph Smith

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