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Flips The Funnel So Big Paydays Roll Your Way From Day 1

The uncommon path to income online…

This may seem counterintuitive to everything you’ve ever heard about generating a fantastic income online.

And maybe?

That’s why it works so well.

Your typical advice, and what people (even the gurus) typically know how to do, is to…

…Put together a great freebie offer(known as a lead gen, or tripwire, or welcome mat) in exchange for your email address.

…Offer value. And turn that free lead into a $7, $27, $47, or $97 customer.

…From there, it’s up the value ladder until eventually you get to higher ticket offers for consulting and coaching etc.

The problem is?

If you’re aiming to replace your income, or get to an income that will fund your ideal lifestyle? And as fast as possible?

It’s harder than performing brain surgery on yourself, because of all of the work in front of you to do and to figure out.


It becomes HARD as nails to do when you’re only getting low ticket sales, right?

Want to know the solution?

The counterintuitive path?

What if you flipped this whole funnel upside down on top of it’s complicated little head, and started at the end, FIRST??

You’re getting up to $10,000 sales. Hitting your job replacing income right away. THEN, you can build down from the TOP of the income tower.

Making sense?

It’s like deciding to take a vacation cross- country. And rather than taking the car, you’ve decided the easier route of just flying there 1st Class…

Nothing wrong with either route. But I prefer to fly towards my goals and ideal lifestyle, over taking the slow and tough route..


This gives you the means to accomplish this, starting today. It’s a giant step to putting you in the right direction…

Take the advice and roll with it yourself. Or, check this out right away. Either way is fine by me!

In your corner.

===> YES! Show me how to flip the funnel and start with the BIG PAYDAYS up to $10k FIRST, without creating the typical “funnel”!



Joseph Smith

Day Job Killer…With A New Mindset

Replaces dead-end jobs in a snap…

You can’t experience a Day Job Killer (AKA: firing your boss) with a day job mindset…

Replacing your j-o-b income, and scaling up to $10k months and beyond, requires a different set of skills and mindset.

Especially, if you want the income w/ the lifestyle.

…It’s not about the hours you clock in.

…It’s not about how hard you “grind”.

…It’s not about wearing stuffy suits.

It IS about tapping into leverage points available to you right now. It IS about working SMART.

It IS about designing life and work on your terms.

Accepting no less than you deserve.

And that’s a great place to start!

Right now…

Spend a few minutes, and write out, in detail, your ideal, typical, perfect day.

When would you wake? (With or w/o an alarm clock?) What sheets would you be wrapped in? (Egyptian cotton? Silk?)

What type of floors would your feet hit as you hop out of bed? (Bamboo? A plush rug?)

Would would your morning look like? Your lunch? When would it be quitting time? How would you spend your day and evening with your friends and family?

Pen it all down to the finest detail you can. Fold it up. Stick it safely in a drawer…

===> And then go here asap…


Joseph Smith

PS Just like driving a car. Focus on where you want to go… NOT on the obstacles. Cool? Hope this helps!

How To Get Daily Sales W/O Credibility Or Branding

Struggling to get your brand and sales off the ground?

Gaining credibility and trying to “brand yourself” is one of the worst places to start, if you’re wanting more sales and successes online…

People who focus on this are struggling!
They may pay exorbitant fees for an expert to brand them, and it usually means they’re making cardinal mistake #1:

Focusing on themselves and their problems.
Rather than focusing on others and their problems.

And it makes you feel ICKY if you think that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not, right?

Think about this…

There was a recent study done where people were asked whether they liked people that were too outgoing and loud, introverted and quiet, or people that were fake.

The vast majority DID NOT like the fake people!

The takeaway?

Don’t fake it till you make it. No need.
Be yourself. Be authentic.

Share your JOURNEY.

When you’re yourself, and people see you taking action, making investments in yourself, and you’re sharing your successes, failures, and learnings with them?

THAT will get you results like nothing else. You’ll be a pro without even trying. 

And it’ll feel right to you.

Hope this helps.

You can also leverage a brand and system like this… It’s what I personally do and recommend to others interested…

===> Show me how to get further leverage and a system I can follow for consistent and reliable results…



Joseph Smith

Investing In A Business Seem Risky?

Should we listen to our fears? Or feel the fear and do it anyway? Here’s the tip…

We work hard for our money. And if you’re like me?

I watch over my money like a mother duck watches over it’s ducklings.

I’m careful where I spend and what I invest in.

However, if you’re looking to break out of the masses, the humdrum life of mediocrity that most are stuck in?

Investments are often required.

And we want to make sure we’re making a SOUND investment when we do.


After you’ve weighed the pros and cons and have seriously looked at an opportunity?

There’s a very powerful phenomena that occurs when you decide to go for it.

And that’s this…


Our commitment matches our investment.

Does that make sense?

If you invest $9.95 for a “how to” guide. You don’t have too much commitment or pressure to USE that information, right?

Information that could change your life. It just gathers digital dust…

Yet, if you’ve just invested $20k into something?

You better believe you’ll put it to good use right away!

It raises the stakes. Your commitment level is at it’s highest point. And often, that’s what it takes to get us to make the change we need to be making.

Cool little side-effect isn’t it? Actually, it’s major! 

Have to run.

===> Here’s what I’m committed to. You open to checking it out and joining me?



Joseph Smith

PS If you’ve been on the fence, I hope today’s note helps. Comes straight from my heart. Just don’t want a BENEFIT holding you back from the lifestyle you completely, 100% deserve.

Leads Not Buying? Then Try This

If leads aren’t buying, could you be making this critical, common mistake?

Want to avoid years of frustration and needlessly banging your head against the wall, as you get to a solid income?

Crazy, yet…

I see this far too often…



How are they going to pay you?
With the lint in their pockets?

It makes things way, way, way harder for you than it should be!!

Think of it this way…

A realtor specializes in luxury homes that carries an investment of at least one million, on average.

Is she going to waltz up to the unemployment office? Posting up flyers and passing out her business cards to people waiting in line?

No, she’s going to go where her market is, and market to people that have the means to start, and the ability to move-

Could be people that already own a $1 mill. house, or have a high end home on the market.

Could be based on their job title and annual income. Lots of criteria you could look at, right?

This is NO HARDER. Just means talking to the right people who can afford what you’ve got.

Sounds silly that they’d market to those in the unemployment lines, right? Well remember that…

Because far too often, people don’t see how this applies in their online business.

And they wonder why they’re struggling.

Hope this helps!

Not sure where you’re at right now, but I’m focusing on high ticket commissions, when it’s a fit for folks, and you can get started and up-to-speed on things…

…Starting out with little investment right now.

===> Go here to get started


Joseph Smith

PS TIP: How you “talk” to your market dictates who you attract as well. e.g. If you compare your business with some $7 affiliate program, think who you will attract…

Find Selling Sleazy ? Try Mike’s Tip

Making sales is easy when you make this one shift in perspective… Read Mike’s motto…

There’s a popular TV show called American Pickers. Two hometown boys travel the US, scavenging through dusty barns and dark attics unearthing lost gems.

I love Mike’s motto, one of the founders and stars of the show…

“My motto in life is to find things, and put them in their right place.”

This keeps his work rewarding, profitable, and always ethical.

Here’s how…

He may find a vintage motorcycle, just gathering dust in someone’s garage year after year…

That motorcycle has a soul-mate out there somewhere. And he views it as his job, to pick that item, and connect it with the person that it was meant to be with.

It’s NOT all about the “dollars” to him. The dollars are only a side-effect to something much bigger.

Beautiful way to go about business, right?

In this little world of online business, the same thing applies, in my humble but accurate opinion.

There are good folks out there, and their dreams, their hopes, their ideal life they want to be experiencing?

It’s gathering dust in a basement. And they don’t see a way out of the j-o-b so they can go dust their dreams off and make them alive again!

If you have a “vehicle” that can help them out, and be of VALUE to them?

Then it’s not even selling anymore…

Like Mike, it’s having something of value to someone, and finding the perfect home for it.

No forcing.
No manipulation needed.

Not sure?


I’ve discovered a pretty amazing opportunity.

May be a perfect fit for you? It’s certainly not for everyone…



Joseph Smith

Could Internet Addictions Be Blocking You From Daily Sales?

Are piddly distractions keeping you from a 6-figure side-income and living an incredible lifestyle? Try this sensible and easy fix…

Whether you’re building your business on the side right now, and are trying to free up 1-3 hours a day to focus on your biz…

Or, if you’re able to put more time into this, and you’re aiming to get your daily tasks completed within just 3-4 hours a day…

You must. manage. your. distractions.

By managing your distractions, you can:

*work significantly less.
*double or triple your income.
*and you can eliminate a LOT of stress.

The common distractions most face are Facebook, Instagram, Email, YT, and blogs.

Many get caught up in a loop where they just check these sites over and over and over again, all day… Just to give themselves a little dopamine hit.

Just a quick inbox or FB check can steal hours of your day!
My suggestions to combat this?

It’s not extreme.
I believe it’s sensible.

It’s NOT to delete all accounts and avoid sites you actually enjoy visiting. That seems a little extreme at this point.

Like the rest of things you’d like to do each day, I simply recommend that you BUILD IT INTO your day.


You look forward to it.
You can enjoy it, guilt free.
And it doesn’t interfere with your business.

But you ideally would build it into your afternoons.
Just schedule it in! Say, at 3:30pm every day, I will give myself 45 minutes to check my email, FB, Instagram, and whatever else.

Be strict on this. Try it for a week.

If you MUST access one of these sites before or after this period… Get in and out fast! Go in for what you intend to, and exit promptly.


You’d be amazed at how much more you’ll get done. How much happier you’ll feel. And that you aren’t missing out on anything at all.

Just the opposite!

It’s little habits like this that can make the difference from a $0-figure income, to a 6-figure plus income online.

And, it’ll give you more time to stick to a proven to bring you big sales program, just like this…

===> YES! I’m ready to manage my distractions by building them into my days, and follow these 3-steps to up to a 6-figure plus income…


Joseph Smith

PS Tomorrow, many will be stuck in the same loop of Email, and Social Media… And a little bit of Netflix thrown in for good measure…

Others will be logged-in to this site… well on their way to changing their finances and life forever…
Which group will you CHOOSE to be a part of??

In your corner.

Heard Of The New G i G Economy? Here’s What You Need To Know

While many will stay stuck in a job they hate, others are quietly making this global transition right now…

The current state of the economy, as an overall, isn’t looking too great.

Most of the jobs being taken on are low paying jobs in the food and food service industries.

(Flipping burgers or organizing avocados at Walmart isn’t most people’s dream job or ideal retirement plan, I’d imagine.)

And statistics show that people’s #1 job fear is getting laid off. And that they’re not enjoying the work they do anymore.

Very little fulfillment, for something they’re spending so much time in. Many reported back that don’t like the people they work around either.

You’ve got the Debbie Downers, and the chronic complainers, and the suck-ups, and the boss that’s constantly breathing down your neck.

It wears you down day after day after day of dealing with it all…

Yet, while the stats show a lot of doom and gloom within the job force, there’s a new economy called the “gig” economy.

And the experts are showing the growth in this area to be BOOMING. They say it may change the way we work forever.

Now I personally LOVE the gig economy. Think of Uber, Lyft, Airbnb…

The only problem I see with the typical gig jobs that most are aware of, is it still requires a lot of hard work, and long hours.

Further, it requires you to have a lot of customers to generate decent coin.

That’s why I think starting up in the “side-gig” economy is much more powerful. And choosing your particular “gig” very wisely.

Here’s what I mean…

If you’re able to earn larger sales, then you don’t need to have many customers each month. Which means less work and less leads required to get you to your ideal income.

And all the better if you can nearly automate the entire process once you’re up and running.

Making sense?

I think that’s why many of us have found ourselves online, and are having this conversation, right now…


…It’s why I choose to follow a system which allows me to bring in up to over $10,000 with just a few customers.

That’s why I chose this system…

===> Low traffic, high earnings, part-time gig…



Joseph Smith

PS Just get through the 3-step plan as soon as possible. As you follow along, you’ll be backed by the generous guarantee.
I’m rooting for you.

When’s The Best Time To Start

Want to know the perfect time and set-up you’ll need to get started?

When is the best time to start this business?

Well, I know the WORST place to start is tomorrow. Because there is always a tomorrow.

To help with this, I’d like to tell you a quick story about a well-known writer.

After he’d become quite successful, a lot of his wealthy friends started inviting him to their beautiful homes.

So, he’d whisk off to the south of France. Or he’d hop on over and stay at a friend’s Swiss ski chalet.

All in hopes to find inspiration and creativity, so he could get writing done from these exotic locations.

Yet, this rarely happened.

There were always distractions.
Always so many things to do.

Always the “allure” of a bigger, better home. A better time and place to focus and get work done.

Yet, his writer’s block, his insecurities, his procrastinating habits, they tagged along everywhere he went.

Another time (tomorrow), another place, wasn’t helping anything at all.

So, here’s the big takeaway…

We tell ourselves we need the perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect setting before we finally will buckle down, get serious, and start.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…

Got to get the right chair, or computer, or ideal schedule first…


As author Ryan Holiday, who relates this story says, this is self deceit at it’s finest.

Better to be adaptable.

Better to be able to to what we need to do, anywhere, anytime.

Better to just start. Here and now.

Sage advice, right?

===> Yes. I’m ready to start now…



Joseph Smith

PS Remember, that the perfect time to start (now) will never “feel” like the perfect time to start. And that’s why so few people do it.

Hey What’s The Best Traffic Source

Without somewhere to fish for leads, big paydays can’t get reeled in…


The nuts and bolts of building a $100k plus business online isn’t too complicated…

*You need a solid offer that solves a big problem. An offer that people will want to buy.

*You need to be able to find an audience of “targeted” people to talk to, add value to, and position your offer to.

*And, you need to sell it at a price where you’re making a nice profit after all of your expenses come in. (Shouldn’t be much. Grow your expenses WITH your profits as they are coming in.)

Step 1: Traffic.

Folks always want to know what’s the best traffic source out there right now.

FB Ads are great. YT advertising is good. Others are using Google, SEO, Instagram, Solo Ads and Banner Ads.

The point is…

They ALL can work for you.

The place you’re advertising is just the HAMMER you’ll be using to generate leads.

They’re a tool.

What matters is how you’re swinging the hammer, and what nails you’re hitting.

Here’s what I mean…

If you’re selling protein powder to help bodybuilders pack another 25lb. of veiny beef to their slicked up bods…

…And then you hop on FB, and place an ad that’s targeting new mothers looking to drop their baby weight?

You probably will generate approximately ZERO sales.

But you can’t blame the “hammer”, right?

There was simply a mismatch in the targeting here.

Making sense?

Whatever you decide to focus on…

Match your MESSAGE to your ideal MARKET, and you’ll be good to go from there!


Better yet, focus on the way you would LIKE to communicate with your market.

If you like to write, maybe FB Ads, or Solo Ads could be your gig.

If you like to get in front of the camera? Then why not focus on YT Ads and FB Video?

Many of the top income earners I know of, all use different “hammers” to generate incredible incomes and lifestyles.

That’s why…

As you progress through This 3 Step System… you’ll discover how to make any of these methods work…

Straight from the top earners mouths, as you’ll be looking over their shoulders and seeing exactly how they’re getting traffic, leads and sales rolling in like clockwork.

===> YES! I want to earn BIG PAYDAYS and generate quality traffic that’s the perfect fit for me!



Joseph Smith