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They’ll Leave You And Buy From Your Competitor, If You Don’t Have This.

Consider this your GPS to bigger paydays…

Could you be holding your customers back?
And, be greatly limiting your income in the process?

Imagine a bus driver that only offers trips around the block.

Only costs a couple bucks.

Great value?

Sure. Many people only need to go down the corner, right?

However, what about the good people that want to experience travelling to another part of the country?

Now, you’re holding them back.
You’re limiting their experience.

Make sense?

So, here’s where many people are stabbing themselves in the foot when it comes to the potential income they could be making.

And they’re doing many of their customers a disservice in the process.

They’re only offering “drive around the block” services to their customers.

Now, this is usually in the form of an ebook, or some other lower priced offer. And for some?

That’s all they need.

Yet, just as you would chart out your journey if you were planning to drive across the country.

You will want to chart out your ideal customers’ journey as well.

What obstacles will they face?
How can you help them along the way?

For example, a course could show you how to get up to $10,000 per month in automated income.

However, there’s a LOT of steps to get that all set-up. Some will be willing to put in 2-3 years to get themselves there.

They’ll be willing to hire the teams, learn the tech and marketing skills that will allow them to reach their goal.

Others will want a shortcut on the journey.

They’d prefer to work less, use leverage, done for you offers, and strap themselves to an already successful brand and business.

And, they’ll want a certain “experience” along their trip.

Some are fine driving in an ‘83 Honda Accord with rusted metal and torn cloth seats. It’ll get them where they want to go just fine.

Others, prefer leather seats. An engine that purrs. Great company and support along the way.

And believe me…

If you don’t offer this service?

They’ll leave you, and all the hard work you put in to attract them to your business model, and they’ll go find and invest in someone that does.

What’s your ideal journey to creating the income and life you deserve?

What do you think it would be for your customers?

Hope this helps!

And if you’re interested in hopping aboard our bus…

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You’ll be getting the first step to creating up to $10,000 and more. Maybe a lot more? How long you decide to stay on the journey with us or not is totally up to you.

===> The system I recommend to help take you there, step-by-step.



Joseph Smith

Working More Than You Want To? Want To Work Far Less, And Soon

He fired and hired himself into a terrible job…

Here’s how to trade the 9-5 for a great lifestyle…


This is a question a guy asked recently on a popular online forum.

He’d “thought” he had quit the job force…

Yet, he was working 11 hour days, sacrificing the weekends and his social life. He had only one employee.

And he didn’t see his business or income growing anytime soon. (No surprise, as he said he didn’t even have an internet presence yet…)

One little mishap, like a piece of machinery inevitably breaking down, would put him into full panic attack mode.

Because it would mean him dipping into an entire year of his family’s savings.

Money he really couldn’t afford to give up.


His question.

Is it worth it? Or should I go back to the j-o-b, comes into play.

Here’s the thing…

He doesn’t have a business.

He quit a job, and hired himself into a job, but now all the pressure is on him. And he’s feeling the burn!

I truly feel for him.

He’s been doing this for FIVE YEARS!

That’s a lot of days he’ll never get back.

And yet, he can take all of this as a learning experience, and GROW from it if he decides to.

A critical mistake he likely made?

He didn’t build SYSTEMS into his business.

(A great book on this is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.)

He didn’t START his business with a big enough WHY.


If you’re doing it for your kids, your mate, your lifestyle, for freedom and for yourself?!

Then you wouldn’t make decisions and choose a lifestyle and business that sacrifices all of that.

When things go sour the second or third week of working too much, and we’re letting our plate go cold at home night after night, we should stop right then and question what’s going on.

But we think it’ll end soon.

Then life happens.
We keep hoping it’ll get better.

We get “to that point” before we even realize it.

Yet when we DO realize it, and we’re aware?

It’s then up to us whether we continue on with the current journey, job, whatever we’re up to.


We build a powerful WHY we want to pursue something, we build a system to give it to us, and we let that why drive us forward to reach it.

That’s literally all it takes.


No books or hoo-rah seminars required.

If your kid or a loved one is held ransom, and they ask you to go do something you fear, like speaking on stage, or, to do something you’ve been putting off…

…And if you don’t, they’re a goner.

Would you need to go read a book on how to do that thing? No! Right?

You’d just go do it!

Because your WHY is strong enough for you to do anything. It’s not about needing motivation, knowledge, or anything else…

Results are all about movement.

Just doing it already.

It’s about the why.

Hope this makes sense, and truly helps you out on whatever journey you’re on.

And I’m not sure?


If powerful systems for income come into play for you? Without needing to sacrifice your life and all your free time?

Then I invite you to check this out…

===> Earns up to $10,000 months or more, working part-time, without stress, overwhelm, and sacrificing your life…

I’m passionate about this.

This cuts the five year learning curve for our hurting friend here, down to less than one, for us! It’s all about finding powerful systems like this, and leveraging them for as long as we can.

Have a great one.

===> The system I recommend to help take you there, step-by-step.



Joseph Smith

If Income Without The Stress Sounds Lovely

Use this “magic ratio” to make wise decisions…

It’s easy to get caught up in the “amazingness” of a new opportunity, right? Right now, getting into an eCommerce, or Amazon business is hotter than a stack of mama’s buttermilk pancakes…

However, there are lot of horror stories out there right now. They aren’t always advertised out there in the “how-to” space…

Folks that now have $30k, $100k, even over $300k in product… (Yep. I kid you not.)

All gathering dust in a warehouse or their own garages. They’ve got product, all the legal stuff handled, that they know of.

Now they just have to “move product.”

A skill many are STUCK on.

Because they hop on Amazon or Shopify and they see another 100+ people selling the same exact product.

How will they stand out from the other 1000 people selling organic turmeric or yoga mats?

Think that can cause a smidgen of anxiety?

When you’ve got up to $50k plus in product, and not even one sale, or any real idea of what to do next?

Savings you invested that your significant other may not have been as thrilled or hopeful about?

Sweating a bit?


Same thing applies to many mom and pop businesses. Massive overhead.

No guarantee of profits in return.

On the flipside…

Know what it costs to deliver a DIGITAL product?

Well, not much of anything really… Just a few small costs, like hosting and so forth…

But the opportunity for growth and income can be massive.

So here’s a scale of sorts I’d love for you to think about in today’s note. Most never will entertain this critical piece of data for themselves.

Whenever you’re examining an opportunity, ask yourself:

What’s the risk to reward ratio?

It’s not always about the investment.

Is it high reward/high aggravation?

Or low reward/high aggravation?

Or high reward/low aggravation?
(There ya go!)

Is it going to keep you up at night? Is it going to tie up every penny you own? Is it going to require 60-70 hours of your week?

I’ll straight up tell you, the aggravation and stress isn’t worth ANY high reward…

Getting the RATIO right, ends in much less stress, much more happiness, and usually it’ll result in more fulfillment and income as a handsome side result.


That’s personally why I love more digital-styled types of businesses with a high ROI.

Especially when it’s more done-for-you and hands off, like this one…

===> Big paydays coming your way, high reward, low aggravation, lots of fun…

Whatever you decide, please, put that ratio to good use. And trust your wise gut. Stay in tune with that guy or gal. They’re pretty smart. 

===> The system I recommend to help take you there, step-by-step.




Joseph Smith

PS Just a side note: Great incomes HAVE been created with eCommerce and putting products on Amazon. Yet, using the ratio, still majorly applies here! No matter what you decide to do. I just personally choose the route in today’s link.

Paid Ads Not Paying Off Right Out The Gate?

Don’t spend another dime on ads till you read this…

This may help you get to your first $10,000 months, without all the headaches, and without needing to spend one more cent on advertising…

Investing in paid advertising is incredible.
Essential even.

Yet, with this big caveat:

Usually is this the case ONLY when you’re ready to scale. Of course, there is a variety of thoughts on this!

But think about it this way…

Imagine you were searching for your ideal, perfect mate. A ten. Your perfect compliment amidst this crazy world we live in.

Now what would be the perfect start?

Talking to 4-5 “prospects?”
Prospective mates you could see spending the rest of your life with? And learning their likes, dislikes, where you could improve, and what’s attracting them to you?


Just guessing people love seeing you in your “holiday” sweater and then blasting a pic out for 10,000 men or women to see?

Usually what you have when you advertise yourself and try to scale to the world, on day one?

Is a lot of wasted opportunity on an otherwise very interested people in YOU or your business.

Make sense?

Better to talk to just a select few people, organically.
No ad spend. No blasting it out to the world. Yet.

You’ll discover “the shirts, the right look, the pain points, and the desires” they’re looking for. Then, when you’re dialed in?

You can more safely scale from there. But this time, you’re more confident. You’re scaling and investing in your ads from a foundation of knowing exactly what people want.

Start small.
Get feedback as you’re bringing in your first $10,000.

And then scale up, up, up from there.

Hope this helps.

Now what helps tremendously here is how your business is structured. If you’re only earning a few bucks a sale, this process is maybe doable?

But it’s likely going to be much, much harder.

Yet if you can go through an easy process with up to five people, and THAT ALONE can lead up to a $10,000 sale… Can we see how that can make things easier in every sense of the word?

Low traffic, high profits! In my opinion, it’s the way to go in 2019, and beyond.

Not sure if you’re already set up and running with something like this?

If not, head here and check this out asap…

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In fact, once you get to the traffic module, you’ll discover the traffic methods of the top earners.
Some who leverage organic, no cost methods.

Yet they’re earning a very lucrative income right now, part-time. Would love to get this info in your hands today.

We’ll start with a first milestone goal of your first $10,000 month. Then we can scale up from there?

It shouldn’t take long to get you there, if you’re truly ready for this.

===> The system I recommend to help take you there, step-by-step.




Joseph Smith

PS This will likely take you 1-2 hours a day to getting through the  steps and to get started.
You can do more if you like. And for some, they may not be able to make the time for this, and that’s okay…

…Yet if YOU CAN carve out the time, and commit to going through the steps, many have had up to an extra $30k to $100k plus headed their way, on the side, and have found this well worth their extra levels of effort and commitment.

New Lesson From Figi Event… ( Use This Tool ASAP )

Eliminates setbacks, and increases your daily online income by leaps and bounds…

Picture the scene…

Pristine Fiji.

Several business moguls are present.

Helping businesses and entrepreneurs experience bigger breakthroughs.

There’s a great tool that Tony Robbins shared at this recent event, which I wanted to share with you in today’s note.

Without fail, after any “event” Tony puts on, he asks these two questions:

1- What went right?

2- What can we do better next time?

Sounds simple? Yet this is very powerful in many ways.

Because you’re able to build on what’s working and eliminate what isn’t.

And, nothing here labels us as failures, right?

This simple exercise causes breakthrough after breakthrough in businesses.

And you can apply it to any piece of your life!

For example…

Let’s say you’ve set a plan to get 3 new front-end sales every day.

You invest in advertising, and you get 100 new leads, and 1 sale.

That’s two short of your goal.

It’s basically a 1% conversion rate at this point. (i.e. 100 leads = 1 sale.)

So at the end of the day, you can ask the two questions:

What went right?

Well, you got 100 new leads. And one sale came in. That’s pretty good!

What can we do better next time?

You could increase your ad investment, so you’re getting 300 leads. That should bring you your target of 3 sales.

Or, you can try to improve your offer, so you’re getting 3% conversion rate. Then you’re getting 3 sales out of every 100 leads, right?

See how this works so well?

Then the next day, after you implement this? You ask the same quick questions again.

Before you know it, you’ve made many, many easy, daily iterations to your business, and you’ll have experienced one financial and lifestyle breakthrough after another.

Cool little TOOL right?

Hope this helps.

And in regards to our example of the leads here, that’s one of the core focuses that should always be on your mind in this business.

The business I’ve partnered up with?

They’ll give you a few simple ways to generating consistent, daily leads.

And then your auto responder does all the follow-up, selling, and product delivery FOR YOU.

It’s great!

Open to joining me?

===> Yes! Tell me more! I’m ready to build my online income up, by doing more of what’s working, and making small daily improvements on what I can do better…

==> BONUS 1

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Best wishes

Joseph Smith

PS By using these two questions each day, and by following this A-B-C, step-by-step system to fantastic income, you can be up to $10,000 in the next 30-90 days, IF you are committed and stick with it.

When will you be ready to join us?

===> I’m in.

What Will The Extra Income Truly Mean To You And Your Family!

Embrace the suck, and you’ll be well on your way to $10,000 months and beyond…

Not sure if you’re a runner or not…

But a Marathon is 26.2 miles.

It’s a constant on many people’s bucket lists.

I’d venture to say that not a single soul is ENJOYING mile #20 of a race?

And there’s likely a lot of moments leading up to the race they didn’t enjoy so much either, right?

The early morning long runs.

The sore legs and feet.

Sacrificing family time.

Rinse and repeat.

So why do so many want it? It’s the achievement! The accomplishment.

Crossing the finish line and getting the medal at the end.

Building a business can be very, VERY similar.

Expect there to be ups and downs. Moments of pain, and moments of pleasure.

Knowing it’s a part of the journey for everyone should help. It’s not just you.

Embrace the suck.
Push through the mile twenties.

What will make it worth all the effort?

Make sure the END GOAL is worth it to you. 100%.

It may be the extra income.

But WHAT will that income mean to you?

What will it allow you to do more fully?
What stresses will it help eliminate?


With that vision emblazoned across your mind…

Write it down.

Look at it every day.

Let it push you through the training, through the race, and straight through the finish line.

You’ve got this.

I’ve got your back.

And, if you’re looking for a solid plan to follow along and succeed with…

===> I think this may help…




Joseph Smith

Each day you’re not in the race running, is another day of missed income… When will you be ready to lace up your shoes and start jogging with me?

Think You Can’t Earn $10,000 Online.

Escaping the rat race requires this…

It can be hard for many to accept some “realities” in other realms of business…

Like their potential to earn up to $10k to $40k or more a month in their online business.

It’s a STEP out of their norm.

Where are you at on this?

It’s very true, it can require you to think outside of the box!

Steve Jobs had this issue a while back.

He was worried his company Pixar was losing it’s edge. They’d created hits in the past, like Toy Story and A Bug’s Life…

How did they SCALE their success and get one hit after another?


They didn’t filter their MINDS or hiring process!

They wanted the “Black Sheep” on the team.

In fact, the director they hired to turn things around said this:

“Give me your ‘unfiltered’ artists. I know they’re crazy. And that’s exactly what I need.”

And to succeed in this business?

You have to 100% “unfilter” your mind of what’s possible. You have to turn off the BARRIERS blocking your success.

Make sense?

Hope this helps.

PROOF of potential success that can be headed your way is all around you. 

===> This can be the key to taking things to the next level… You’re getting full support!

Don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back.




Joseph Smith

Flips The Funnel So Big Paydays Roll Your Way From Day 1

The uncommon path to income online…

This may seem counterintuitive to everything you’ve ever heard about generating a fantastic income online.

And maybe?

That’s why it works so well.

Your typical advice, and what people (even the gurus) typically know how to do, is to…

…Put together a great freebie offer(known as a lead gen, or tripwire, or welcome mat) in exchange for your email address.

…Offer value. And turn that free lead into a $7, $27, $47, or $97 customer.

…From there, it’s up the value ladder until eventually you get to higher ticket offers for consulting and coaching etc.

The problem is?

If you’re aiming to replace your income, or get to an income that will fund your ideal lifestyle? And as fast as possible?

It’s harder than performing brain surgery on yourself, because of all of the work in front of you to do and to figure out.


It becomes HARD as nails to do when you’re only getting low ticket sales, right?

Want to know the solution?

The counterintuitive path?

What if you flipped this whole funnel upside down on top of it’s complicated little head, and started at the end, FIRST??

You’re getting up to $10,000 sales. Hitting your job replacing income right away. THEN, you can build down from the TOP of the income tower.

Making sense?

It’s like deciding to take a vacation cross- country. And rather than taking the car, you’ve decided the easier route of just flying there 1st Class…

Nothing wrong with either route. But I prefer to fly towards my goals and ideal lifestyle, over taking the slow and tough route..


This gives you the means to accomplish this, starting today. It’s a giant step to putting you in the right direction…

Take the advice and roll with it yourself. Or, check this out right away. Either way is fine by me!

In your corner.

===> YES! Show me how to flip the funnel and start with the BIG PAYDAYS up to $10k FIRST, without creating the typical “funnel”!



Joseph Smith

Day Job Killer…With A New Mindset

Replaces dead-end jobs in a snap…

You can’t experience a Day Job Killer (AKA: firing your boss) with a day job mindset…

Replacing your j-o-b income, and scaling up to $10k months and beyond, requires a different set of skills and mindset.

Especially, if you want the income w/ the lifestyle.

…It’s not about the hours you clock in.

…It’s not about how hard you “grind”.

…It’s not about wearing stuffy suits.

It IS about tapping into leverage points available to you right now. It IS about working SMART.

It IS about designing life and work on your terms.

Accepting no less than you deserve.

And that’s a great place to start!

Right now…

Spend a few minutes, and write out, in detail, your ideal, typical, perfect day.

When would you wake? (With or w/o an alarm clock?) What sheets would you be wrapped in? (Egyptian cotton? Silk?)

What type of floors would your feet hit as you hop out of bed? (Bamboo? A plush rug?)

Would would your morning look like? Your lunch? When would it be quitting time? How would you spend your day and evening with your friends and family?

Pen it all down to the finest detail you can. Fold it up. Stick it safely in a drawer…

===> And then go here asap…


Joseph Smith

PS Just like driving a car. Focus on where you want to go… NOT on the obstacles. Cool? Hope this helps!

How To Get Daily Sales W/O Credibility Or Branding

Struggling to get your brand and sales off the ground?

Gaining credibility and trying to “brand yourself” is one of the worst places to start, if you’re wanting more sales and successes online…

People who focus on this are struggling!
They may pay exorbitant fees for an expert to brand them, and it usually means they’re making cardinal mistake #1:

Focusing on themselves and their problems.
Rather than focusing on others and their problems.

And it makes you feel ICKY if you think that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not, right?

Think about this…

There was a recent study done where people were asked whether they liked people that were too outgoing and loud, introverted and quiet, or people that were fake.

The vast majority DID NOT like the fake people!

The takeaway?

Don’t fake it till you make it. No need.
Be yourself. Be authentic.

Share your JOURNEY.

When you’re yourself, and people see you taking action, making investments in yourself, and you’re sharing your successes, failures, and learnings with them?

THAT will get you results like nothing else. You’ll be a pro without even trying. 

And it’ll feel right to you.

Hope this helps.

You can also leverage a brand and system like this… It’s what I personally do and recommend to others interested…

===> Show me how to get further leverage and a system I can follow for consistent and reliable results…



Joseph Smith