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Narrow Your Niche To Increase Your Income

Help others just like you and earn more.

Quick but valuable tip for you today!

Oftentimes, we fall in love with someone because we feel like they “get” us. They understand us and all our quirky ways.

The same principle applies online and to running a fun, lucrative business that positively impacts your life, and others too.

You want people to say, “Wow, they get me! They know what I’m going through.
What I want and desire!”

This is why it’s often recommended you “niche down” in your business.

It’s hard to relate and bond with a huge crowd. Like, with anyone who desires to build an online business.

It’s hard to SPEAK all their languages in your ads and marketing.

But if you’re focused on helping retirees, or under 30-somethings, then that 100% changes the game here.


“Bill’s worked hard his entire life. He’s raised great kids and now has a couple of wonderful grand kids, though he isn’t able to spend as much time with them as he’d like.

And now? His aches and pains are getting worse. Shuffling to the kitchen to get a glass of water seems like a chore these days.

Without being able to work a j-o-b like he once had the energy and health to do, he’s biting his nails, worrying he will have to rely on the government and his kids to take care of him in his golden years.

And he doesn’t want that.

He want to take care of himself, and he’s still got a few items on his bucket list he’d like to tick off.

That’s when he starting searching the internet and stumbled across…”

Again, that’s just an example here, and was quickly written. Can definitely improve on that!

But see the point?

That message wouldn’t relate to a 25 yr.
old that has different problems, like being stuck in a career for the next 25 years that he hates.

So, just a thought if you haven’t considered it yet.

Narrow down your audience.
See through their eyes.

What are their problems, pains, worries?
What keeps them up at night?

A good place to start?

If you’re a retiree, consider helping retirees!

If you’re a work at home mom, how about helping out other work at home moms?!

Then you’ll know you can relate. And this business will be a matter of you taking action and sharing your journey with folks just like you.

Hope this helps

===> Here’s the best system I know of to help you narrow down, and help people from all walks of life, while earning yourself a great income at the same time.



===> I’m in! I want to work with the flow of opportunity, not against it…

Joseph Smith

Big Changes Which Will Affect You

Ignore this at your own risk.

As Bob Dylan croons…

The times they are a-changin’.

There are still new and abundant opportunities online, but the wild west days are over.

You can’t put an ad up and get sales for a few cents per click.

You can’t “SEO” a website in a few hours and expect a flood of traffic and sales.

Everything is more pro level now.

Competition is more fierce.

Ad costs are on the rise.

So, what room is left for the little guy to make a nice living online?

Marc Andreessen says it well…

And he knows a little bit about the internet and seizing changing times.

Just one of the many things he has done is co-found Netscape, which later sold to AOL for $4.2 billion.

He was recently asked that if he could say one thing, and put it up on a billboard anywhere, what would he say?

He said, “RAISE PRICES.”


He says this is because the number one reason companies (and us) struggle is they are not charging enough for their products.

And here is the huge takeaway I want you to “get” right now…

“They don’t charge enough for their product to be able to afford the sales and marketing required to actually get anybody to buy it.”

Boom, there it is!

The answer to making online work for us?

Be able to have large enough profit margins so you can afford the sales and marketing, which again, are going up, up, up online.

And you MUST have sales and marketing to be able to run a lifestyle-friendly biz set to run on near autopilot.

Making sense?

It’s really as simple as that.

Ad costs go up.
So your profit potential needs to go up.

That’s why it’s a must to be able to sell high ticket offers on the backend of whatever else you’re selling up front.

If you’re only able to earn up to $47 to $197 per customer, then you’re very limited.

There’s too little wiggle room there between what it costs you to get the customer, and the profit potential you can make.

But if you can earn $2K, $5k, $10K per customer on the backend, see how that opens things up for you to afford more to get these customers and sales?


1. Spend $200 and make up to $10,000.
2. Spend $200 and make up to $197.

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I hope you get that, and that this sinks in??

It’s super important things to ponder on for a minute or three.

The best news is you don’t have to set this all up, unless you want to which is fine.

But this company has the infrastructure already up and running for us, and they may be able to sell lucrative, valuable products on the back-end FOR YOU.

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You get a nice, healthy cut of these big commissions. Your cut can be up to $10K per customer, and even higher.


PS These are big changes, but you can ride the wave of opportunity, rather than sinking with the crowd that doesn’t get this.

===> I’m in! I want to work with the flow of opportunity, not against it…

Joseph Smith

30 Minutes To $10K Months ? (Is It Possible ? )

The law of cause-and-effect and bigger commission checks deposited into your accounts each month.

Here’s the easiest, most lucrative way I know of to build an online business…

The Domino Effect- a cascade, a chain reaction, the propagating consequences of cause and effect.

One small reaction can cause far reaching effects.

Now stay with me for a second, and I’ll show you how the domino effect can earn you more income -maybe a lot more.

A physicist proved the power of the domino effect when he discovered that dominoes can knock things down about one-and-a-half times their size.

What’s that mean?

Starting with a domino smaller than typical size, progressively getting one-and-a-half times larger…

You’d knock out the Empire State Building by the 29’th domino.

Crazy, right?

And it all starts with tipping over the first. little. domino.

And that is where the answer is as to how to best run an online business right now.

What if… your ONLY JOB was to tip over the little dominoes each day?

===> Like this system shows you


What if… that small daily action set in motion the “domino effect.”

Which allows bigger dominoes to be tipped over, without you having to do the hard work to tip them.

Because the dominoes are already set in motion.

And those bigger dominoes are large commissions, up to ten thousand dollars.

Make sense?

If you’re open to it…

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It will show you how to tip over these little dominoes, in as little as 30 minutes a day.

And how that may tip over large commissions up to $10K into your accounts on a regular basis.

If I were you, right now?

===> I’d take this…


And start tippin’.


Joseph Smith

Even With A Proven System You’ll Need This

Feels like you’re procrastinating, but that’s not the real issue here…

Simple as this business can be, especially if you’re following

===> a proven system like this one…

You’ll still be faced with doing a few things that’ll take some effort and grit for you to get it done.

Even if it’s just pushing through a few mental barriers to starting.

To get your first ad up. To get your first 100 subscribers.

To break through your first $10k month.

To take ANY first step really…

So, here’s something you can keep in mind in these sorts of scenarios.

Comes from a highly-successful early stage investor in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter, just to name a few…

Remember this one thing when the going gets tough:

“Tonight, I will be in bed.”


That’s it.

See, we often intensify what is in essence, a few minutes of discomfort to start something, or even if it’s a few hours.

Whatever you’re going through is temporary.

Just have to push through and do it.

Whatever it is, no matter what, tonight, you’ll be in bed.

All is OK.

You’re alright.

Sleep and a new day is on the horizon.

Cool little strategy, right?

Hope this helps!

===> If you’re ready for 3 steps to get up to $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and $10k commissions…

You’ll have to follow the steps each day, and it won’t take too long or be too hard to do.

But whenever it pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone and routine?

Remember, tonight, you will be in bed. 



Joseph Smith

$10K Months Is Simple But Not Easy

Can be hard with busy schedules, I know!

Many millionaires and high-achievers have been studied over the years.

And a common success trait that the unsuccessful didn’t have?

Delayed gratification.

It may seem small, yet it’s the small things, day in and day out that makes one successful.

The mistake is in looking for, and thinking it’s this one great big thing that we keep missing out on.

And here’s the thing with delayed gratification…

We’re all busy, right?

We work jobs.
We have families.

There’s chores to take care of around the house.

So it can be a hard decision to make.

I get that.

Do I make the time and work for 30 to 60 minutes a day on my business?

Delaying the instant gratification and convenience of sitting down and watching TV?

Or, do I cave in, yet another night, and get some immediate pleasure?

It’s just that usually the immediate pleasure is very brief, and not very fulfilling.

An expert in this area, Winifred Gallagher says, the payoff will be much greater if we decide to do the harder thing in the moment.

To pick up the guitar and learn a new song. To go exercise rather than plopping down on the couch.

To spend the time to build a new business on the side…

But, she says we have to summon the motivation to get over the hump of our initial inertia and focus.

Otherwise you may just settle for the temporary, instant gratification.

Which is the equivalent of junk food.

So, there’s a cost of doing what we truly want to do, and a cost of not doing it and sticking with what seems more comfortable.

And it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves which path we will take on a day by day basis.

===> If you’re ready to commit and build a lifestyle friendly income on the side.

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

Open Up Now If You’re More Than 30 Days In Without A Sale…

The$10K months can come your way, only if you do business with this frame of mind…

What will give you a huge leg up in your success to big ticket income online?

It’s in recognizing and accepting what is a normal part of this business.

Here’s what I mean…

Taking “step one” in your business and instantly catapulting to $10K to 100K months is NOT normal.

Let’s say you run an FB Ad to your website that can build your list and get you more sales.

Typically, that ad won’t be the same ad that will take you to the income you desire.

What it does give you is your baseline starting point.

A part of the process is tweaking the ad. Testing it against other versions with different content, angles, and pictures.

If you ACCEPT that ad one will need some adjustments after you put it up, and that it’s a part of the normal process for everyone?

Then you will be much less likely to think that you screwed up somewhere, or that your ads aren’t working!

You’re doing fine.
You just need to keep going!

Making sense?

A better path to take?

Take all your emotions out of the early stages. You’re simply acting like a robot, gathering baseline data to grow and build your business from.

By doing that, and working on this just a little bit each day, you can start to see some phenomenal results in your biz and life.

Sound good?

===> YES! I’m ready take the 1st step to get my first commission up to $10K!

The nice thing about High Ticket is it makes everything infinitely easier.

It greatly accelerates your results and testing needed to get to a winning ad and campaign.

If you’re getting leads for $5.00 each and are only selling a $27 product, it’s going to be a long, tough haul for you to make a nice living online.

See the power of being able to get a lead for $5.00, $10, $20 and still build a very lucrative business because you can get up to $10K commissions on the backend?

===> This will make a big difference…

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

Commissions In 30 Days ( Ask These 2 Qs )

Your 1st commission in 30 days?

There’s a new book out from a guy that’s been able to support himself part-time over the last few years, all while travelling the globe.

And he’s impacted thousands for the better in the process.

He’s doing what he loves.

After being fed up with the corporate life.

He’s created what you’d call, A MOVEMENT.

Anyways, the book goes on to tell how to go from zero to income in the next month.

And the first two points are great.

OK if I share the gist of it here real briefly?

1. Your path to income begins with an important question:

30 days from now, what will be different about your life?

2. Some ideas are better than others.

Learn the qualities of a great idea and how to find ones with the most potential.

These are both two great questions to start your own journey to freedom and income with.

You must know where you want to go and why.

And 30 days is a great target to get a few results headed you way.

What could happen in the next 30 days?

You could be earning your first few sales and seeing the bright lights to freedom and leaving the j-o-b.

A way off the hamster wheel of life becomes apparent and real to you now.

Or, you could be in the same spot as you were 30 days before, or possibly even worse off?

It’s all about the actions you decide to take, right now.

And then, there are lots of systems and ideas you could pursue and sink your time into, aren’t there?!

Which ones will have the best potential to help you reach your goals with the least effort possible?

Which ones seem DOABLE to you?

===> I recommend using this system


It’s proven.
It’s step-by-step.
It’s all mostly Done For You.
It’s already paid out over $103 million.
And it only takes about 30 minutes a day.

===> You in ?

Joseph Smith

Can You Embrace Challenge ? ( Income Tip )

This means you’re all the way in.

AMOR FATI- is a latin term that basically means “love of one’s fate”.

To accept the events or situations in one’s life, and to even thrive in them.

Whatever you’re going through…

Think of things like this…

What happens when you throw something in a scorching hot fire?

Junk, trash, good, bad, terrible, it simply becomes fuel for the flames.

It burns stronger and brighter.

Give it all you’ve got!!

A powerful thought?

Is when we live like a fire.

Everything we experience is treated like fuel and makes us that much stronger.

“Amor Fati!”

Building an online business, like anything worthwhile, will have it’s challenges and ups and downs.

Use it all as fuel.

Because the only way up, is to figure the next step out, and to just keep going and going.

If you need a great system to follow?

===> Go through these 3 Steps

It’s designed to show you how to get high ticket commissions, up to $10K .

Just start at step one, remember today’s note, and get to Step 3 as fast as you can.

It shouldn’t take you long, and you’ll be ready to do this, okay?

Time to go blaze some trails!

All the best!



Joseph Smith

The Income Path I’ve Chosen

It’s good to stop and rethink priorities.

There’s an article online called “The Tail End,” which powerfully shows how short life truly is.

Here’s one gem:

Turns out, by the time most of us finish high school, we’ve already used up 93% of our in-person, parent time.

That leaves less than 7% of our time left to be with them.

And for many of us, we now live in different cities and have our own families.

It makes getting together often hard to do.

Same goes if we’ve got brothers or sisters.

We may only have 10-15% of available time left with them now.

We’re in, “the tail end.”

The guy that actually wrote this article sadly experienced his dad unexpectedly passing away.

He was at his dad’s bedside.

Isn’t it true?

We never know how much time we have left with those we love, do we?


This can help us from time to time to RETHINK our personal priorities.

Not squandering away our life, our time, or the opportunities we have in front of us?

Making sure our focus is on the more important things.

Not sure about you, but I certainly don’t plan to spend the next 20 yrs.
stuck behind a stuffy cubicle.

Working 40 to 60 hrs. a week, M-F, and leaving no time to enjoy time with those I love the most.

Especially when there’s so many alternatives and ways we can work less, earn more, and have a great lifestyle and freedom.

What will you decide to do?

===> This is the path I’ve chosen

Maybe it’ll be a good fit for you too.

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

Master This Two Letter Word ( And Watch Your Results Soar)

Once you get used to this, it may even become FUN…

Learning how to master a two-letter word can make all the difference in the world!

The two-letter word?


Getting better at both saying no, and getting more comfortable at hearing the word no, can result in breakthrough after breakthrough.

Your income can skyrocket. You’ll free up hours each day.


Saying no can be hard can’t it?

We feel like we may be letting someone down, or it may feel like we’re rejecting them or will be judged ourselves.

There’s also FOMO. The fear of missing out.

We just don’t want to turn down a good opportunity.

I get it.

But if we can let go of all that, and just so “No” when we need to?

Then we’re able to get results and focus on what really, truly matters to us.

This may help…

Imagine you’re going to the airport. You’ve booked and paid for a vacation to Hawaii.

The plane takes off in one hour.

Your friend calls and wants to have lunch.

“You down for tacos, buddy?!”

Would you have a problem saying NO?

Likely not, right?


Because, you have a clear purpose and destination. You’ve got an agenda.
Set plans.

There’s somewhere you’re going.

So here’s the thing.

Shouldn’t all our days be like this?

We don’t want to be like a ship at sail without a destination. At the whim of every wave and change of winds.

With a finite purpose in your days, just like headed to the airport, it can be much, much easier to say no.

Hope this helps!

As I mentioned, being a bit better at saying no can free up hours and hours of your time.

So if building a nice income on the side has been a big goal of yours, but time has been an issue…

This should help you free up the 30 to 60 minutes or so a day that’s required to build up to a nice side income.

===> Try the step-by-step system I use

If you can find about 30 minutes a day, and can follow the plan, it can result in up to $10K commissions.

You won’t get to $10K overnight, but we’ll start with a plan to get your first commission up to $1k.

Then you’ll be off to the races.




Joseph Smith