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Could You Be Trying Too Hard ? ( Try This )

Nobody said it would be this hard…

If you’re not at $5K to $10K months or more in your online business yet, especially if you’re doing this on the side…

Could it be that the system or path you’re taking is far too complex?

What usually happens with overly complex systems?

Well, they create too much friction.

And with too much friction, we eventually just throw our flustered hands up in the air.

With 1,001 things piled up in front of us to handle, plus dealing with one tech headache after another…

We’ll just give it up all together.

The “trick” is to flip this process around the other way, and use OVERLY SIMPLE systems…

Make sense?

With a simple plan.

Things get done.

Results and sales come in.

Remember the ol’ K.I.S.S principle:

Keep. It. Simple. Silly. 

Because “simple plans” are the best way to a lifestyle friendly biz you can run in your spare time.

Hope this helps!

Here’s one of the simplest systems I personally know of:

===> Try this simple plan

It’s simple, only because all the complexity of the business, like hiring staff, setting up support, and websites, and funnels, and products, etc. etc. etc….

It’s all been taken care of for you.

You send leads.
They show you how.

And you can get up to $10K commissions on the backend.

Would be nice to get a “notification” msg. in the next few weeks of a BIG sale the system closed FOR YOU?

How soon would you like to see one of those messages ping your inbox?

===> OK, I’m ready now…

Have a great day!



Joseph Smith

The Ugly Truth To Procrastinating

Got a task, but it keeps getting put off for “one more day”? (Try this)

Quick note for you today if that’s okay?

Because what I’m seeing?

Is that many peoples entire side business seems to be simply worrying and stressing over just starting.

They’re tackling the same Step One to building their business up, over and over again.

Which only makes the stress build, and only delays their odds of success that much more.

The brain?

It’s stressing them out because it just wants something to do!

When you get fully engaged in something, and you just tackle Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 to do what’s needed?

The stress melts away, and joy and fulfillment enters its place.

A nice side-effect, right?

And I’m not sure what you’re up to?

But if you follow a simple plan like this one…

===> Try this simple plan that works

Many of the steps are already set up for you. And you’re getting the coaching and help you need to get started right away.

You can be logged in and rolling along in just minutes, being well on your way to get your first $1K commission.

But again, the key is to not tackle the same “task” over and over again.

That’ll just add stress to your plate.

Break down what needs to be done, until a clear task is in front of you. (They’ll spell out for you what you’ll need to do.)

Visualize yourself doing the task, and roughly how long it’ll take you.

And then most importantly…

Embrace any fear or reluctance to start, use it as fuel, and DO IT…

You’ll be thrilled with how good you’ll feel right after! Especially when all the results start flooding your way.

===> Start here, step 1… In your corner.



Joseph Smith

Are You Self Sabotaging Yourself ?

Kills procrastination forever…

Hey, just a quick note for you today!

You know, many good, smart and hardworking people think they lack the “follow thru” gene.

And so they’re quick to hold themselves back, labelling themselves as chronic procrastinators.

But really, it just takes a teeeeny tweak in their strategy to turn it all around!

I’ll relate it this way…

Many people that are trying to quit an addictive habit, like drugs or alcohol?

They feel it’s too much to have to quit the habit FOREVER.

Sounds very daunting, right?


They’re often reminded of this one thing, which I hear is posted up on the walls of these places, like AAA:


That’s all the sign says…

But it reminds them that they don’t have to worry about forever!

Following X number of steps for X number of days.

Because all they have is today at hand.

Can you do it, TODAY.

Another guy I know is worth hundreds of millions, and he tells himself something similar.

“Everything ends.”

He knows that whatever he must do to get the results he wants, everything will end.

A 10 minute task.
A phone conversation.
Focusing 1 hr on something

Everything ends.
So he just does it.

“Everything ends, everything ends, everything ends,” he tells himself.

He’ll get to go to sleep a bit later that night, just like everybody else.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope this is helpful?

It was quite the “AHA” when I heard it too.

Especially in this business…

===> Like with this system here


You need to be able to send leads every day, ideally.

But it doesn’t have to take but 30 to 60 minutes to do it.

So, if you follow the steps above, and focus JUST FOR TODAY…

…Keeping it simple…

You can arrive at $10K plus months, month after month as a nice result.

Make sense?

===> Give it a try here, and use the plan above to get it done…


In your corner.

Joseph Smith

Problems Focusing On Your Business ( Try This Now )

Results don’t happen by spraying and praying.

Mind if I share a trick to getting you more leads and sales?

It may not “seem” like a big deal, but it’s these little things that will usually make a BIG difference to your bottomline results!

It’s really about how you attack your day to day tasks that, if you do them, they can get you the results you want, like $10K/mos.

So here’s the tip:

You have to attack your tasks like a sniper.

A sniper doesn’t spray & pray.

He has ONE specific target.

If he tries for 2 or 3 targets at once, then he’s going to lose. He’ll get ZERO results.

These days this is hard to do.

We’ve got lots on our plates, and a ton of info flooding our way 24/7/365.

So a big thing that may help is to get really clear on what our targets are, and then to “reverse-engineer” every step to take that’ll get us the results.

Then THAT will give us a clear singular target to hit with accuracy.

Sounds simple.
But how many people do this?

The one’s getting results do it.
That’s the difference.

That’s why they’re a pretty rare breed of folks.

Now, this doesn’t have to be hard!

In fact, it’s actually pretty fulfilling to have a target, and hit it day after day after day, isn’t it?

Especially when it starts churning in daily sales…

So, it just means you have to get clear on what you want, and then focus for a set time each day.

Knock the target out, and then you are done!

That’s what I love about the biz I’m in.

===> Check out the simple plan here

My ONE target is clear as a glass of water:

Send Leads. (They’ll show you how)

If I can just focus on that like a sniper for 30 to 60 minutes a day, then I can get up to $1K to $10K paydays.

Well worth the little bit of extra focus required?

RIght now, you get a coach to help train you up and get you going…

===> Get the support and plan to $10K



Joseph Smith

Think You Can’t Get Big Commissions Too ?

$1K+ sales don’t require special skills.

I know it can be hard for some to think they can start getting big commissions in their side business.

“$1,000 to $10,000 commissions?

Who, me? I don’t have the skills for that.”

I get it.

And if you had to do it all by yourself, it would be hard. Very hard.

But it’s important to think of this in the way of a big movie production, and how things ACTUALLY happen behind the scenes.

For example…

In the classic film, Flashdance, there’s a well known dance scene during the film where she simply dazzles the judges.

There’s 80’s music, and she’s jumping and twirling and dancing to perfection.

Over the years, countless girls have looked up to this scene. They want to dance and twirl just like her.

But they may say, “There’s no way I could dance as good as her. I can’t do it.”

Yet, not to burst the movie bubble here, but this film isn’t reality, right?


It’s been said, she – in reality – had five different stunt doubles. Some of them professional dancers.

Some of them were men even.

There were stunt doubles, directors and editors, all behind the scenes, and that is what made it work.

Now here’s my point…

Getting big ticket commissions in your side business does NOT require a ton of skill and effort on your part.

There’s a “production” going on behind the scenes. You’ve now got a team in your corner.

So where it may look like others have a special skill to get the big results they’re getting?

Realize it’s not that.
Just like Flashdance.

There’s a team behind the scenes making it all happen for them.

If you’d be open to getting help?

===> I’ve got a system for you to try…

All the heavy lifting is done for you.
You get a personal coach to help you.

So you can twirl your way up to your 1st big commission in as little as the next 30 days, or sooner…

===> Here’s where you can start today

Hope this helps!

Getting to $10K months won’t be hard, long as you are getting all the help and support you’ll need.



Joseph Smith

Too Many Tasks On Your Plate? ( Then Try This )

The answer is simple, but not easy…

The first rule of thumb if you feel there is too much on your plate in your side business?

It’s to follow the K.I.S.S. principle:

Keep. It. Simple. Silly.

Now I know this is easier said than done.

Life isn’t “simple” for most of us.


That’s why I recommend you run a “Presence Driven” side business.

It can help keep it MORE simple.

And it can get the sales zinging your way in a rush.

You open to getting a flood of sales, while having less and less on your plate?

Well, here’s what I mean…

Presence, is really just being in the moment.

If you’re eating dinner with your family, it’s NOT dinner with everyone buried in their cell phones, or with everyone staring up at the TV watching Netflix in a semi-zombie state…

See, if they were PRESENT?

That’s 30 to 60 minutes of quality family time and conversation they could have had.

The TIME was there.
They just didn’t capitalize on it.

Yep, it’s hard.
We’re tired.

We just want to unwind after a hard day.

But one will make us much more happy and fulfilled in the long run, with just a bit more focus and intent?

Making sense?

So, if we say you’re a “Present Affiliate”.

Then you’ll focus only on what counts.

And, you’ll be in the moment doing what you need to, day after day.

If you’ve got 30 minutes a day to do this business, then you are intent on what needs to be done…

…task by task…

Until you get it done.

Yes, you’ll need to follow the required steps…

===> Even with a simple plan like this one

But this business can be simple and lucrative, while you do this part-time.

Long as you can follow the steps above.

You’ll be shown one core task.
And it won’t be too hard to do.

Commit to that, and it can start bringing up to $1K to $10K sales your way very soon.

You open to that?

Have a great day!



Joseph Smith

Want Online Income? Seems Too Hard?

Pulling hair trying to get this biz to work?

Earning a nice income with your own internet based business doesn’t have to be hard, or frustrating, at all!

You know why most STAY frustrated and LOST?

They keep tackling the same problem or task, over and over and over and over and over again.

Imagine… thinking, reading about, investing in 1,001 different ways to wash a dirty dish.

But never actually picking up the dish and washing it.

That would be frustrating, wouldn’t it!!

Staring at that same, small task?!

Yet, that’s what most do online.

For example, they may pick up five different courses on how to build an email list.

But they actually haven’t spend the hour or two to set up a landing page and send traffic to it with a simple little FB Ad or Solo Ad.

THAT is what keeps most back from the profits they want, and keeps them staying in “searching” mode for the next BEST opportunity.

The next best opportunity?

It’s to START doing what most know they need to do.

Even though their success and path will NOT be clearly spelled out, or laid out for them.

That’s what being an entrepreneur, even part-time, is all about.

(And that’s what can make it very FUN, long as you’re IN the game!)

Hope this helps!

If you need help getting up to 6-figures part-time…

===> Check out this proven 3 step system

After you log-in, you’ll see…

This is easy to START with and profit handsomely from.

Your job is to mainly focus on sending traffic to pre-built funnels and systems.

Then, it goes to work on your behalf.

And can result in big-ticket commissions up to $10,000 each, headed your way.

Our first goal together will be to bring in your first big-ticket commission over the next 30 to 60 days, up to $1,000.

===> Start here if that sounds like a great fit for you and your family…



Joseph Smith

Your Perfect Day ? ( Q’s For You ! )

Dreading the alarm clock and the bumper to bumper commute to the J-O-B?

Do you view your work as a labor of LOVE?

Or do you view it as something that is laborious?

Big difference there, isn’t there?

Where do you think most folks are?

Yep, most dread their work. They hate the negative environment and people they have to be around for 40 plus hours of their weeks, every week.

They count the minutes down to 5 o’clock.

They count the hours till the weekend.

Dreading when the Monday morning alarm shocks them awake and back to their j-o-b reality.

Back to bumper-to-bumper traffic and URGENT deadlines.

It’s interesting…

Many think of a different life, yet they usually dream of their ideal lifestyle to the ultimate degree.

Mansions and Yachts, and luxury vacations.

That’s nice and all, but…

I think that sometimes puts them out of Reality?

I think it’s better to conjure up thoughts of your PERFECT DAY.

Just an “average” day in your life.

If you could live the perfect, average, day to day life for yourself, what would THAT look like?

When would you wake up? (preferably with no alarm!)

Would you roll out of 100% egyptian cotton sheets, your feet hitting the ground on your dream flooring, maybe a nice hardwood, or a recycled bamboo?

Would your coffee already be brewing, with 100% organic Colombian waiting for you?

Would there be a 8’ commute to your workspace? (Could be the kitchen table, or a coffee shop around the corner?)

Would you be done with “work” by noon, so you can eat lunch with friends, staying active with a post lunch swim or jog?

Have friends over for dinner and wine?
Or just keep it to you and the family?
I’m not sure what this is for you?

But I do know our DAY TO DAY life takes up MOST of our life, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to design our days the way we want them to be?

And the cool thing is, many of these things we can set up for ourselves, right away. Right now.


I can’t help with everything here, but if earning a decent income, part-time, so you’re done by noon…

And can live the rest of your day as you like sounds like something you want to set up for yourself…

===> Then check this out, asap

It may help. 



Joseph Smith

10 People To $100K… Interested ?


I know you’re probably still in holiday, Labor Day chill mode, but I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what’s going on.

With 2021 now here, it’s time to think goals, and what we want to accomplish over the next few ending months.

If we don’t do it soon, before we know it, it will be 2022.

And, I’m not sure if it’s a fit for you?

But I’m looking to bring on 10 people this week so they can get up to $100K in additional side-income this year.

The criteria:

You’ll need about an hour a day to work with this business model.

You’ll need some funds to advertise your business. Doesn’t have to be A LOT.

You can even start running your FB Ads with just $5 a day, in fact I recommend you start with a low ad spend like that.

And, you’ll need to be committed to see this through.


===> Go here ASAP

Check it out.

Grab it.

Then reply back and let me know about yourself and your goals for the year.

I’ll help however I can.

And you’ll be getting a lot of support within the program.

I’ll let you get back to partying now. 

Here’s to a prosperous New Year!



Joseph Smith

Too Much On Your Daily Plate?

Want additional income, but where will you find the time?

We often hear the phrase, “I’m too busy.”

In fact, being too busy is worn as a badge to many! (They wrongly think the opposite of busy is lazy.)

However, the problem here is it’s all too often used as an excuse. An excuse that holds many back from getting what they want out of life!

…It’s kept many stuck, living paycheck to paycheck, sick, tired, and drained of energy on a day to day basis.

Many are overwhelmed, riddled with anxiety, and are forced to drink or take up some other vice just to cope.

That’s no way to live.

What I’ve experienced?

Being BUSY is a decision.

It’s shorthand for not important enough and not a priority right now.

For example…

Many say they’d love to add another income stream.

But they may view extra sleep, watching Netflix, or other things as more important, because they’re doing THOSE things over building up their side-business an hour or so every day.

If it was a PRIORITY, they’d find a way to get it done, and they’d drop the “I’m too busy” excuse.

Because here’s the thing…

We never find the time.

We have jobs, life, families, and sometimes unsavory circumstances thrown upon us that we didn’t ask for and don’t deserve.

That’s what author Byron Katie calls “WHAT IS.”

It’s reality.
In all its beautiful bluntness.


We must MAKE the time for whatever is most important to us. Whatever that is.

One thing that may help?


Setting up bricks and walls around whatever it is that you want to get accomplished.

It’s amazing what setting up even a 30 to 60 minute structure or routine around building a side-income can do for someone.

Walls of protected time, for YOU.

If you can set up a sacred time to work on your business each day, and can MAKE the time for that?

…Even with just 30 to 60 minutes.

You can earn an extra $20K to $100K or more over the next 12 months. You can get what you want and deserve for yourself.

===> If you’d like help, try this…

In your corner.



Joseph Smith