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Powerful, Yet Simple Plan To Hit $10K Months

Could it be as simple as this?

Would you be open to hearing about a simple plan to get to $10K plus months, part-time?

Well, there was a highly successful celebrity recently interviewed, and his #1 strategy he discovered to live a great, fulfilling life was this:

Live. Give. Forgive.

I realized that’s one of the easiest paths to financial success as well!

Let me explain…

Live. There’s no better way to get what you want than to start. To live it. To dive head-first into what you want to do.

So for example, online, you can take a proven plan like this one…

===> Check out this proven plan


Then you live it by following along with the plan, step-by-step.

Give. You grow by sharing what you learn as you’re “living it”. And, you’re helping others out as well by sharing your results. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Share it all.

Often, folks don’t want to learn how to do something by a “guru” that is out of their current reality, like a big billionaire, etc.

They would rather learn, and can relate more from the person one or two steps ahead of them.

You can be that person, whenever you’re READY to be that person.

Forgive. As you live and give, you will make mistakes. There may be a fair share of struggles and set-backs.

Expect it.

And forgive yourself.

It happens to EVERYBODY.

Learn from it. And move forward.

Live. Give. Forgive.

Do that…

===> Use a plan like this one


And expect phenomenal results for yourself.

Here for ya,

Joseph Smith

Biggest Success Indicator ? ( Results Of Study Inside…)

The only way to get what you want is…

Thousands of people were recently in a big study, those successful and those who viewed themselves as unsuccessful.

The biggest differentiator – by far – between the successful and the not so successful?

It wasn’t skill.
It wasn’t their connections.
It wasn’t their circumstances.

Although those things can help, the biggest difference was this one thing:


That’s it?


Think of it this way…

In the study, there was a salesman who outperformed and outearned everyone else by at least ten times!

Often, people would waltz up and ask him how he was so much more successful than they were.

What was his secret?

He would lay out his “exact” success plan to them. He did this nearly every week.

How many “executed” on his plan?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

The proven path was there, they just weren’t willing to execute.

Many people know what they need to do to lose weight and get fit and healthy.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. And exercise regularly.

But how many people EXECUTE?

Not many, right?

Make sense?

Execution is everything. It’s the “Holy Grail” to getting what you want in life.

Literally, anything you want.

That’s why this proven plan works so well for folks from all walks of life.

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Because it’s designed to help you execute and get real results, fast.

You even get a free coach right now to help you get in gear, and land your first commission up to $1K as soon as the next 30 days or so.

How soon before you’d like to get your first big ticket commission with our help and proven plan in hand?

Are you willing to execute?

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All the best,

Joseph Smith

Afraid You’re Missing Out ? ( Try This )

This is easy, and it’s hard…

There’s a common phrase people having been throwing around the past few years.


Or, Fear of Missing Out.

You ever heard of this too?

For successful folks? FOMO takes on an entirely different twist.

A noteworthy twist we do well to pick up on…

It stands for Fear of Mind Overload.

For folks that are achieving all their goals, they KNOW they will miss out on many, many opportunities.

Opportunities are everywhere these days, aren’t they?

That’s why we have to protect our minds. Fear of Mind Overload.

Because if we try to grab every new opportunity out there, we end up not grabbing ANY.

We just end up frustrated and overwhelmed.

Does this make sense?

Once you turn off the opportunity spigot and focus on one thing, you can open up a lifestyle and income for yourself that you desire and 100% deserve.

All you need is focus and a simple plan to follow along with consistently.

Hope this helps!

If you need a proven path to take?

===> Here’s a solid plan to stick to


In your corner.

Joseph Smith

The Truth Of The Real Lifestyle Biz…

Fulfilling, lucrative, and yes, challenging…

Can you expect an easy breezy path to get an extra $5K to $10K plus monthly income online?

Not if we’re based in reality.

Things can still be FUN, but we must expect it to be challenging at times too.

Just knowing that can help. It can let us know we’re on the right path.

A path everybody who succeeds will also likely go through. If you hit a roadblock, you’re not failing.

Just don’t stop. Many will, and do.

Just as a battery has a positive, it also has a negative. That’s how it works, right?

We simply can’t expect to remodel our lifestyle and financial kitchen without things getting a little messy at times too.


Isn’t the end result so worth the effort?

And really, it makes the journey that much sweeter as well.

If it’s a fit, and you’re willing?

===> This proven plan may help you


If you’re willing to follow the steps and stick with it, you can start seeing big commissions from $1K up to $10K rolling your way.

You’ll be a part of a TEAM.

Meaning you’ll have a full team and system on the backend closing the big ticket deals FOR YOU.

Giving you room to have a nice lifestyle business you can run part-time from the comfort of your laptop.

Nice, right?

If you’re interested in joining us…

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Take care!

Joseph Smith

Zero Sales To Many In A Flash ( Try This )

Even the “gurus” get this wrong…

Quick tip for you in today’s note!

To bump up your commissions, or, to quickly go from zero sales to many?

Do this…

Paint a realistic picture of the OUTCOME people are getting as a result of what you’re offering.

Do NOT talk about the product itself!

The product is simply the mechanism to help people get what they want, right?

Think of it this way…

Nobody paints a picture of “gym equipment” and dumbbells to help motivate people to get in shape.

They sell them on the result. 6-pack abs on the beach. Looking great in their swimsuits.

People don’t care about our fancy HD videos or all the hard work we put into it.

Which sounds better?

“Sit down at your computer and watch my 83 HD videos that will teach you how to make money from home.”


“Imagine sitting down at the beach at a 5-star resort, working a few hours from the comfort of your laptop, with complete financial freedom…”

Now that’s just a quick example, but I believe you get the point?

Sell the OUTCOME.

Not the PRODUCT.

Ask: “What ‘experience’ will people want as a result of what I’m offering them?”

Now, people want different things. A young person may want to travel the globe.

A retired person may want more time with his grandkids and for hobbies.

So in your communications, make sure to speak appropriately to YOUR audience, and hit on their different wants and desires over time, cool?

And then, help them get there! 

Hope this helps.

If a simple lifestyle friendly biz that allows you the opportunity to earn a great income on the side, while you travel, work from home, or from any place you want sounds like it’s up your alley too?

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In your corner.


Joseph Smith

Bigger Paydays ( And More Impact )

Big sales and bigger fulfillment!

People these days are full up with information. Yet, they’re STARVING for an ounce of transformation.

(AKA: actual results)

A pdf, or a video module, or a live event do NOTHING to impact your life, if it all stays at the info level, right?

Want to boost up your profits and impact others lives for the better?

Always focus on actually doing all you can to help people actually get real, tangible results.


In my opinion?

There’s no better way in this biz to do that than to help them earn bigger commissions.

For example…

If you’re helping someone earn a $27 dollar sale? Then there’s little transformation there.

And, this leaves you little time to actually help them get the results they want.

But when the commissions staring back at us are at the $1K to $10K level?

That changes the entire game.

Can you see that too?

Hone in your time on getting people results and transformation over info alone? And prepare to watch your profits and fulfillment soar.

Hope this helps.

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Our first goal will be to land your 1st commission of up to $1,000. That will be just the start of what’s to come…



Joseph Smith

Proven + Simple Income Plans

This is all that really matters.

In getting everything you’ve ever wanted out of life?

…Reaching the income you’d like.
…Achieving the lifestyle you want.
…Travelling, eliminating debts, etc.

To get there, you DO NOT have to reinvent the wheel.

You don’t even have to “believe” in yourself or get yourself motivated.

See, countless thousands of people are already getting the same type of results you want to be getting.

All we need to do is USE the same type of proven plans they are using.

That’s all that counts! 

To get the results you deserve…

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Joseph Smith

PS A coach can massively help you on this journey, and right now, you’re able to get a free coach to help you get up and rolling…

Toxic Vs Nurturing Support ?

Is your environment supporting you?

If you want to increase your $$?

One of the best things we can do is upgrade our environment.

Hard as it may be?

Often, we need to take a hard look at who we spend the most time with.

For example, jot down the 10 people you spend the most time with.

And (for your eyes only!) write down a N for nurturing, or T for toxic beside each one.

What do you see staring back at you?

After this, consider…

Who do we ALLOW in our lives?

What/WHO could be holding us back?

What would we do about it?

Here’s a bit of truth tea:

Change your environment, which includes those we are around, and you can change your life.

Here’s another thing, for example…

If we want to get fit and in shape?

Then if we’re around fit and healthy people all the time, we’ll likely get fit and fab quickly as well, right?

(Of course the reverse can happen if we’re around unhealthy, negative people.)

If you want to increase your income and build a lifestyle-based business on the side?

Then being around a supportive group of folks, just like us, can be just as critical to your success.

===> That’s why I recommend this

The level of online support and the masterminds set upon the beaches of this planet – if you’d like to attend one, are unparalleled.

Would love to see you inside our online FB support group today?

Not only that, but you’ll also have a skilled and experienced coach in your corner, at no additional charge right now.

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Hope this helps!



Joseph Smith

Don’t Wait For Permission ( You Won’t Get It )

The change train starts here…

Ever heard of the Freedom Question?

It’s this:

“Wouldn’t it be great if…?”

Now, you have to fill in the rest, right?

For example:

Wouldn’t it be great if…

…I was earning $10K per month?

…Accomplishing it by working 3 hours per day, 3 days per week?

…Spending tons of time with my loved ones, living an amazing lifestyle, while pursuing my big mission in life?

Here’s the thing…

We must not wait for permission to chase our “wouldn’t it be great if…” goals.

Because likely? We’ll never get it by anyone other than ourselves.

Also, we can’t wait too long!

May we not live with the illusion that there is plenty of time left.

The clock keeps on ticking down, day by day, minute by minute…

There is no greater time than NOW.

Because we all know what likely happens when we say we’ll do it, tomorrow?


Not sure if this is a fit for you or not?

But if you’re ready to begin…

===> Here’s a powerful, proven plan that can help

It’s freed many from being stressed and overworked. Many others are coming out of college AND retirement, and are having great success.

(Over $100 million in commissions paid out already. No experience required.)

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Gotta run!



Joseph Smith

Want A Instant Pay-Raise ? ( Try This )

It boils down to one strategic choice…

Would you like to give yourself an instant pay raise?

In a career, you’d likely have to work more hours, get a bigger degree, or climb up the corporate ladder for years to get a decent pay raise.

So how do we pull it off?


Give your “side-gig” a pay increase.

This is ALL about the choices and strategies we execute on as part-time entrepreneurs!

For example:

You can earn “minimum wage” commissions up to $7 to $97 for all your hard work in your business.

Or, you can give yourself an instant pay raise by running a biz that gives you higher-ticket commissions, up to $1K to $10K per sale.

Make sense?

*Working longer hours isn’t required.
*You don’t need to go back to college.
*No corporate ladders to keep scaling.

That’s the beauty of our times… and the sort of businesses we can build up for ourselves with the power of the internet, and Strategic Partnerships…

===> Strategic partnerships like this one

It shouldn’t be a struggle to have a nice income on the side, with part-time effort.

Not with a business like the one in the link above, which we can align ourselves with today.

If it’s a fit for you, you can increase your pay whenever you’re ready to start…

In your corner.



Joseph Smith