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An Open Letter To Anyone Who Thinks Life Hates Their Guts

Let’s play a guessing game.

Tell me if you know who’s the person I’m describing:

At age 22, he failed in business.

At age 23, he ran for political office and lost.

At age 24, he started a new business that failed again.

At age 25, he ran for legislature and won.

At age 26, his sweetheart died.

At age 27, he had a nervous breakdown.

At age 29, defeated for Speaker.

At age 31, defeated for Elector.

Age 34, defeated for Congress.

Age 37, elected to Congress. 39 – defeated for Congress again. 46 – defeated for Senate. 47 – defeated for the Vice President. 49 – defeated for Senate. 51 – elected President of the United States.

Who’s that person that stood up again and again, no matter what life threw at him?

Abraham Lincoln.

By now you think his persistence is what helped him succeed.

Let me take it a step further.

Persistence is one thing – you already have it.

What set Lincoln apart and what will also set you apart is a clear path to success.

He knew that to become president he needed to do a couple of things things.

What about you?

Do you know what’s the path to your financial independence?

Or it’s easy for you to get lost, waste time and throw away money as you try?

Having no clear path sucks.

Yet, it’s so easy to find it and profit from it.

It starts with joining a trustworthy opportunity.

To see the one I recommend, go here.

Joseph Smith

What Do You Do When Everyone Online Rehashes The Same Inefective Advice ?

Since we’re both grownups, I want to rap about this thing going around the Internet.

It’s called marketing incest.

What’s that?

It goes like this:

A guru creates a product and sells it. Then, another guru, takes the product and recreates it in his own words. Finally, a third guru repeats the process and you end up purchasing this product.

All would be good if the information was solid.

The problem?

The guru who created the first product, had no idea what he was talking about.

So everyone ends up repeating advice that doesn’t work in the real world.

You know what I’m talking about.

* Spamming people on Facebook

* Cold calling strangers

* Buying the latest $10,000 software because it’s what makes everything easier

You’re too smart to fall for that.

Yet, as the incest goes on, gurus will give birth to even more bull crap in a shiny, new package. When something looks new you gotta try it. You can’t hold yourself. After all, it must work because it’s not the same old crap.

So what do you do?

You stay away from the Lannisters of internet marketing.

They’ll make you waste time, resources and even (spoiler alert) force your son to commit suicide.

Instead, you link arms with a team that doesn’t fall for bright, shiny objects.

They protect you and catapult you to victory.

Those teams are rare to find.

When you find them, you must join without a second thought.

Hope This Helps

Joseph Smith

That Time I Went Blind

When I joined my first opportunity, I went blind.

Blind to logic.

Here’s what I mean.

Like a loyal member, I did everything they wanted me to do. That also meant following the standard script they give when you talk with people. I didn’t like it when I read it, yet said to myself:

“Hey, it’s a big company. So they’ll know what they’re talking about!”



It didn’t work as you can guess.

The worst part was my blindness to a simple, logical fact.

If you don’t like the script, nobody else will.

This is why I got weird stares every time I talked with people and even a couple “How stupid do you think I am?”.

I followed the script with religious devotion for five whole weeks.

Then I put it where it belonged – inside a garbage bin.

What did I do instead?

The complete opposite of everyone else.

Talking to people with sincerity, trying to see if they are a good fit for the opportunity and acting like a real human being.

This way I saved time and energy.

I started getting more sign ups than ever before.

Everything got into place.

That’s why I hate scripts – they don’t work and make you look like a monkey.

There are better ways and I’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears to discover them and polish them.

I’m not sharing them with everyone.

You can only get them only if you’re part of my time.

Today, I want to invite you in.

Joseph Smith

P.S. One other reason I hate scripts nowadays?

They’re written by people with no real life experience.

They philosophize and use scientific literature on mice to propose a “new angle”.

I prefer logic.

Would I punch you if you talked to me in this new angle? If yes, its out.

Still, it’s hard to understand what works and what doesn’t.

You can waste time and even get ridiculed as you try.

Why do this to yourself?

How To Think And Grow Rich

A thoughtful and provocative story.

You are familiar with the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

It’s one of the best books on success ever written.

The late Andrew Carnegie made Napoleon Hill, a young journalist a great offer.

He promised he’ll help him interview 500 industrialists, entrepreneurs, and other successful people. It was Andrew’s belief that success is a matter of principles anyone can study and learn. And he wanted Hill to find them.

So Hill interviewed those 500 people, wrote Think and Grow Rich and the rest is history.

Even today, billionaires like Richard Branson and Mark Cuban consider it a must read.

Yet, there is a part of the story they don’t want you to know.

Napoleon Hill  went broke after a few years of writing the book.

He even put his typewriter on sale for 50 bucks.

What went wrong?

Are the principles of the book fake?


The principles are solid.

Yet Napoleon missed the most important ingredient for achieving financial success.

What’s that?

You should apply the principles, not just read them.

The title “Think and Grow Rich” gives the idea that just thinking is enough for getting rich.

This was the problem with Hill back then and with online wanterpreneurs today.

They’re misled by gurus, who preach that thinking is enough for success. Throw claims of quickness and easiness into the mix, and you have the typical scam.

Hey, we can’t help everyone.

There are people who are OK when others lie to them.

They join opportunities that look like bad news, ignore the reviews of others and go bankrupt.

Just because they equate doing anything with taking action towards their goals.

You can’t save them.

Since you’re reading this, I know you are nothing like that.

You don’t get an acid-reflux with the idea of taking action.

After all, you know it’s necessary for success.

You’re ready to start growing rich.

And i would love to have you on my team.
Joseph Smith

P.S. Here’s something you also didn’t know.

There’s was a less known fellow named Clement Stone.

He let Hill teach in one of his courses.


Clement had read Think and Grow Rich and applied it’s principles.

They helped him build a massive company making millions of profits every year.

So he felt sorry learning that the man responsible for the book which changed his life, was broke.

That’s the difference between action takers and action fakers – takers become make millions, fakers get charity.

If you have been action faking, you can end up like Hill.

And you will not be lucky enough to have a Clement Stone support you when that happens.

Take action and start relying on yourself.

Why You Should Wake Up Earlier Every Day If You Want More Money

A subscriber asked me the following question:

“I’ve joined the 12 Minute Affiliate Program and I still have my 9-5 job to pay the bills. But I’m too tired after work since I also commute for 2 hours. This gives me subpar results and I hate it. Anything I can do?”

You can do a lot.

But, I’m all about efficient actions.

So, I’ll give you the one tip of business advice that was a total game changer for me:

“The first hour of the day belongs to you. It doesn’t matter if you work a job, freelance, or you’re unemployed. If you invest in yourself this hour you will be free fast.”

I don’t remember where I read it but it was a big “aha”  for me.​

When you wake up one hour earlier every day, there two great things going on.

First, you have zero distractions because you wake up earlier than anybody else.

No Facebook messages, no noise from the street, no phone calls, nothing.


This silence allows you to get up and work for one whole hour on your business.

Next, and you’ll have to experience it, but your energy levels will be up first thing in the morning. With this energy increase, you’ll achieve more in one hour than 3-4 in the afternoon.

Is one hour too much?

Start with thirty minutes.

Hell, start with fifteen minutes.

But you owe it to yourself to squeeze a little time when you are at your best to work for your business.

It has helped me and countless other students increase our productivity.

And this is one just one solution of many I keep hidden in my treasure trove of financial solutions.

If you want more solutions, go here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. The one hour doesn’t seem like a lot.

And it’s not a lot.​

The magic lies in consistency.

The first hour of the first day is a small rock thrown down a snow hill.

As the days go by this hour becomes a huge snowball, ready to smash on your financial prison and give you freedom.

The More I Train, The Luckier I Get

Gary Player is a legendary golfer, known for his work ethic and the quote below.

“The more I train, the luckier I get”

People are always astounded with his successes.

“Gary, how can you be so lucky?”

Old Gary just smiles and replies with his well-known quote.

Ain’t that nice?

Gary smiles because every time he did what his competitors weren’t willing to do.

They were at home, relaxing? Gary was on the field, honing his skills. They were sleeping until 10am? Gary was up at 5, doing pushups. They were buying the latest golf manual, promising to increase their drive easily overnight? Gary was following the basics that have worked for years.

Let’s switch gears now.

Gary and his competitors can be also seen online.

There are people like the competitors, thinking they can cheat the money making process.

They dream of riches with the push of a button. They snort when they hear “hard work” – their guru promised easiness. They hop on the latest opportunities because everyone else does the same.

People like Gary?

They focus on hard work at the fundamentals.

And lo and behold, according to their competitors, “they are so goddamn lucky!”.

If you think that people are just lucky, tough luck (pun intended).

But If you understand that you can increase your luck with hard work?

Then you my friend, have what it takes to become a winning player.

And I want you on my team.
Joseph Smith

P.S. I’ll never forget when old Gary won the U.S. Open.

He hit an incredible five-iron shot, right next to the pin, sunk it, and won the tournament.

The commentators said, “Gary, unbelievable, you got so lucky.”

You know his reply, right?

Gary is a real player of the success game.

If you get acid-reflux every time you hear about hard work, this isn’t for you.

But if you are a hard working player, I can help you also become a hard-winning one.

Let Me Make You An Offer You Can’t Resist

How do you call a 32 years old waitress who decides to work overtime in order to make money for college?

I call her miss informed

Here’s what it’s all about.

The girl in question is my friend Lily. She has no idea what to do in life. At 32 she decides she wants to go to college. Why? Because, as she said “I want to increase my perceived value when I apply for jobs”.

She’s ready to go into debt just so she can get a college degree.

Add four years for her to get it and she’ll be 36.

With zero experience in her field.

Yet the boss will choose her over a guy or gal who is younger and more energetic?

I don’t think so.

So, in Godfather’s style, I told her “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

I informed her about the 12 Minute Affiliate system and why I thought it beats her idea of a plan.

She can start immediately her own business.

She doesn’t have to work overtime – she can work on the business at her spare time.

Most importantly, she can be her own boss from day one and not have to interview for jobs when she’s 36.

And guess what?

She said yes.

And she’s loving every minute of it.

So what about you?

Have you ever felt at loss with what you’ll do in the future?

So lost that even going into debt for a college degree seemed like a decent idea?

If yes, be careful.

Don’t make a choice that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Instead, make a smart choice like Lily did.
Joseph Smith

P.S. Here’s a statistic for you from

In 2020, just 14% of this year’s college graduates have real jobs waiting.

The rest of them?

They will probably wait tables like Lily, and it’s better than nothing.

Still, is that what you want from life?

A “better than nothing” future?

How about a stress-free life?

Without feeling your financial stability shaking every passing day.

That’s a way better alternative.

3 Tips For Online Success On A Shoestring Budget

Do you catch yourself thinking that in order to profit like gangbusters online, you need to have a budget of thousands of dollars every month?

What if I told you that it can be done on a shoestring budget?

You see, people make three mistakes that create the illusion only the rich succeed online. That anyone with a mid or low level of income is doomed to mediocre results. And it prevents them from succeeding.

So today, I’m sharing those three mistakes.

And if you’re smart, you’ll avoid them.

1. The land of software confusion

“Yo, what kind of funnel software do you use?”

“Should I buy the Sales Page Ultimate Creator 2016?”

“XYZ guru said that you only need his new plugin for online dominance”.

People over complicate software all the time.

Sure there is a place and time for it.

It’ll help you automate your business and spend less time on it every day.

But until you start making good money, stick with what you already have been given.

2. Put your ad budget in one basket.

Google ads.

Facebook ads.

Instagram ads.

All other kinds of ads.

They all have their place.

But don’t spread your ad budget thin. Choose one medium and focus on it until you get huge returns from your efforts. Then, invest part of the extra money on another ad medium. Rinse and repeat.

3. Wank off on social media

This might seem strange.

And you’ll roll your eyes as I explain it.

Still, it bears repeating since you’re doing it.

If you spend more than one hour every day on social media, without doing anything to help your business grow, guess what?

You’re wanking off.

And even worse?

Every hour spent on doing anything else than catapulting your business forward, is an hour wasted.

Stop treating your time like air – it’s not unlimited.

You only have a set amount of time left.

Use it wisely.


Avoid the above mistakes like the plague.

You’ll be able to succeed on a limited budget, while everyone else debates the software of the month.

Of course, there’s an even deadlier mistake.

Heck, if you do this one thing you can have a Trump-like budget, and still, fail.

What’s that?

Being part of a failing opportunity.

This will make sure you waste your time, throw your money in the gutter and feel miserable.

The solution?

Join a worthwhile opportunity.

Then your limited budget won’t be an issue.

And you’ll finally see why you don’t have to be rich to profit online.

Here is the one opportunity I suggest.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Here is a suggestion you can combine with mistake number three.

Consuming content and educational material (aka consumption) is good.

Yet, you should make time for applying what you learn (aka production).

Every hour not wasted on social media, is an hour where you’ll produce.

I suggest 10 hours of production for every 1 hour of consumption.

And what if you aren’t sure the education you get is good enough?

I Didn’t Invent Capitalism, I Only Play By It’s Rules

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, perhaps the most well-known comic in the world.

Yet, Adams is also a successful businessman and his book “How to fail at almost everything and still win big” is full of nuggets for anyone interested in succeeding and making lots of money.

On chapter three, he shares his first business lesson ever.

Adams, twenty-one at the time, wearing a cheap looking suit, was on a plane to California.

Next to him was a businessman in his early sixties. Out of curiosity, Scott asked him what his job was. Turns out he was the CEO of a big company. He liked Scott and so gave him his first lesson in business:

“Every time I get a new job, I immediately start looking for a better one.

The way I look at it, I don’t owe my current boss any loyalty.

He can fire me any time.

So what do I do?

I keep my options open, always looking for a better opportunity.

I didn’t invent capitalism – I’m only playing by its rules.”

Scott took his advice at heart.

And since then, he kept looking for the best opportunity he could find.

And he found it.


Now he is the boss.

Both he and this elderly businessman are right. You must never rely too much on your current job. Everything seems fine for a while. And then, one day, you are replaced by a guy or gal who is younger and gets paid way less than you.

Your boss didn’t invent capitalism.

Yet he will play by its rules.

He won’t care about you.

And before the time comes, what should you do?

You should tip the odds in your favor.

Joseph Smith

P.S. One more thing Scott realized on his flight?

The importance of systems.

If the businessman had as his goal a good job in a decent company, he would either have been replaced or hate his life.

The businessman had a system.

A system of always being on the look-out for decent opportunities.

It was this mindset which allowed him to succeed in life.

And if you want to be successful in anything you do, guess what?

You also need to search for decent opportunities.

Why You Should Worry About The Disappearance Of Door To Door Salesmen

This is a real story about Norman Hall, a man who shouldn’t exist.

He is the last of a special breed of door-to-door salesmen.

A Fuller Brush salesman.

If you’re younger than forty you may not recognize them, yet the Fuller Brush was one of the biggest companies of the 20th century.

Back in the days, you couldn’t avoid their salesmen.

They would climb ladders, prevent you from closing the door with their foot, insist you let them in, and would make their way out after they’ve sold you stuff you didn’t need.

Yet in the 21st century, except for Norman, they’re all extinct.

So what happened?

And why should you care?

According to him, people want to take their time before buying.

This is why Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores became so popular.

Not only you can buy anything you want from home, you also choose products at your own pace and look for the best prices.

The complete opposite of what Norman and his co-workers did back in the days.

And with the rise of the Internet they either had to quit or become relics of the past like him.

Yet, it didn’t happen only to them.

Companies that are too full of themselves file for bankruptcy.

Hundreds of jobs vanish overnight with the creation of a single website.

Tens of thousands of people, no matter how good at their jobs, wake up one day and face the sad truth:

“You’re no longer needed.”

You can’t fight progress.

Not as long as you have a job that ignores it.

So what do you do?

You need a business which grows in alignment with the market’s trends and keeps you always a step ahead.

You never fight the sea of change.

You ride its waves and profit from them while others stay stuck in their old ways.

Actually, this is the reason you’ll like the 12 Minute Affiliate Program .

It has a built in “stay ahead of the game” mechanism when you follow the plan.

And you can test it for yourself here.

Joseph Smith