What Do You Do When Everyone Online Rehashes The Same Inefective Advice ?

Since we’re both grownups, I want to rap about this thing going around the Internet.

It’s called marketing incest.

What’s that?

It goes like this:

A guru creates a product and sells it. Then, another guru, takes the product and recreates it in his own words. Finally, a third guru repeats the process and you end up purchasing this product.

All would be good if the information was solid.

The problem?

The guru who created the first product, had no idea what he was talking about.

So everyone ends up repeating advice that doesn’t work in the real world.

You know what I’m talking about.

* Spamming people on Facebook

* Cold calling strangers

* Buying the latest $10,000 software because it’s what makes everything easier

You’re too smart to fall for that.

Yet, as the incest goes on, gurus will give birth to even more bull crap in a shiny, new package. When something looks new you gotta try it. You can’t hold yourself. After all, it must work because it’s not the same old crap.

So what do you do?

You stay away from the Lannisters of internet marketing.

They’ll make you waste time, resources and even (spoiler alert) force your son to commit suicide.

Instead, you link arms with a team that doesn’t fall for bright, shiny objects.

They protect you and catapult you to victory.

Those teams are rare to find.

When you find them, you must join without a second thought.

Hope This Helps

Joseph Smith

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