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1,000% Newbie Friendly

Tell me if you can relate…

You’re looking around online for a LEGIT system to help you create the life of your dreams…

You find something that looks promising.

One of the biggest selling points it boasts is that it’s “completely newbie friendly.”

So you decided to give it a try.

And about 20 minutes in, they start asking you to do things like:
– Write your own ad copy
– Downline html files
– Create products
– Etc..

What the heck!! That’s NOT newbie friendly!

But this is


With this, you actually have EVERYTHING you need to get started.

No need to create your own website, make your own products, or any of that nonsense


Something that was specifically created for newbies!


Joseph Smith

$1K…$3K….$5K per month or more! The missing piece revealed


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Have a great day!

Joseph Smith

More Real Than “Real-Deal Holyfield”…

I’m not sure if I should be telling you this.

But if I don’t, no one will.

And you’re going to waste another year running around
in circles looking for the ideal “method”.


We’re seeing the largest failure rates in history.


Because not one so-called expert or top earner ever talks
about their REAL golden goose.

They put up a smoke and mirror show to distract you from
the real thing.

They send you off on a wild goose chase instead.


Because they’re greedy, that’s why.

We, on the other hand, have no reservation to share with you
what REALLY WORKS for us.

Because as far as we’re concerned, the world’s a better
place when it’s full of wealthy people.

We believe in abundance.

For us… it’s not a zero-sum game.

And the more success stories we create, the more successful we are.

That’s a true measure of success, don’t you agree?

It’s not money.

It’s how many people you’ve helped get money.

The money will come naturally if you do it right.


Why are we telling you this?

Because some time ago, we discovered a way to build residual
income quickly and easily.

It worked so well and the word spread so fast…

We couldn’t enroll people fast enough.

What’s the method?

First, here’s what it’s not:

It is not a push button software…

It is not the latest and greatest traffic loophole…

It is not a fancy website building script…

It is not blogging…

It is not Craigslist…

It is not Facebook…

What the hell is it then?

Something that’s easy to understand.

Simple to use.

And costs next to nothing.

Plus… takes virtually ZERO TIME (less than 4 hours a WEEK) to do.

So you can hold on to a day job while building
a brand new income!

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Joseph Smith

Get started with these 2 simple steps

Legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert, once said, “Writing gets easier. However, starting to write does not.”

Ain’t that the truth?

You probably know what you need to do.

Maybe even how to do it.

But you never seem to get the ball rolling, do you?

Well, let me just tell you that I know it’s anything but easy.

But it’s worth it.

Because starting is the hardest part.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people find ways to start, even if they don’t know where or how.

They jump into the pool and start paddling.

It’s not to say they aren’t scared.

They’re scared all right.

Many wet their pants.

But they do it anyway with wet pants.

And you know the best part?

No matter how scared they are, no matter how uneducated they are, no matter
how much they risk starting out – it always works out in the end.

Start right now on these 2 steps. Don’t sit on your hands

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Talk soon.

Joseph Smith

This shortcut is creating AMAZING Results

These 2 steps are creating AMAZING results for people just like YOU!

They’re so simple, many think they’re too good to be true (at least until they actually try them!)

Check out these steps for yourself…

And if you think you can do them, just click the link below to continue

STEP 1: Intentionally commit to your success!



That’s it!

Those are the 2 STEPS.

Can you do them?

If so, you can get started here


Joseph Smith

What are “Pizza Commissions”?


You know how to order a pizza. Right?

It’s pretty easy.

You just go online… pick how much (and the type of) pizza you want… pay for it…

And then sit back and relax until the pizza gets there.

Well, this system is kind of like that…


Except instead of ordering a pizza, you’re just ordering website visitors.

And instead of the order coming to your house, your website visitors are delivered to an automated system that does all the selling for you. 

Which is why we say…

If you can order a pizza, you can profit with this.


To YOUR Success,

Joseph Smith

This is so cool!

Hey again,

Have you ever been so excited that you just want to jump out of your chair and go flying through the roof?!?

That’s about how I’m feeling right now.

Quite frequently I’ll send out an email about something that I’m really excited about.

This works.

And it will be of EXTREME value to you.

Go check this out..


It’s worked for so many people – myself included.

If it’s worked for us, it will for you too.

We all can’t be wrong.


To Your Success,

Joseph Smith

Don’t take my word on how awesome this is…

Ok, here’s the deal…

Every day, you get tons of emails telling you about the “next big thing”


I’m not going to tell you about how this the “next big thing”

I’m not going to tell you about how people are already getting HUGE results with this.

I’m not going to tell you about how people who have never had success before, finally feel like they’ve found something real!

I’m not going to tell you about how the titans of our industry created something that ANYONE can win with

I’m not going to tell you about the residual and BIG TICKET affiliate commissions you can earn starting this week.

I don’t want you to take my word on how awesome this is…

Take theirs…


Joseph Smith

There’s no “magic bullet”… but this is as close as it gets

I’ve never been a fan of the so-called “magic bullet.”

Quite frankly, there is no such thing.

Really, it’s a phrase that is tossed around in the IM space to keep people spinning their wheels.

It’s like the guy at the slot machine.

They think that if they pull the lever just one more time, they will hit the jackpot.

Same with most marketers.

They think that if they buy just one more product, they will be a millionaire the next day.

I’ve never been a fan of a “magic bullet” or “overnight success.”

Nor will I ever will be.

But I have to admit that this is as close as it gets.

Because I’ve seen people become successful faster here than with anything else.

Check it out for yourself here


You’ll thank me later.

To YOUR Success,

Joseph Smith

Don’t be the last to know about this, you need to act fast!


Are you spinning your wheels trying to get the hang of internet marketing?

Or maybe you’re having some success but you know you can do a lot better?

If so, then I’ve got some very good news for you…

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And there’s only one request I ask of you and that is to TAKE ACTION.

That’s all.

It’s not much of a request.

But you’ll be amazed at how many people who want to master internet marketing
NEVER heed that advice.

Prove to me you’re different.

If you do that, I will bend over backward to make sure that the full-time
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If you’re ready and willing to focus, then consider yourself extremely fortunate,
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Joseph Smith