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Is Competition Good Or Bad ? ( Depends…)

The one who does this usually wins.

Just like a new restaurant packed with people digging into their grub is a sign of good food?

A market/niche filled with competition is a great sign that it’s a HOT market you want to be in.

A market that’s full of hungry customers and massive demand.

Yet, for us to do well in these markets, we have to devise a way to stand out and grab our piece of the profit pie.

The best way to break away from the pack, IMHO, is to offer a higher value service… and as a result?

You also get a huge leg up over the competition.

Because, with higher profit margins, you’re able to outsped the competition to get a new customer!

This is huge.

If the lifetime customer value (LCV) of your competition is $297, then they can’t spend more than that on their ads to turn out any profit.

If your LCV is $1K up to $10K?

Do you see how that can help you scoop up plenty of the “green stuff” in your side-business?

===> That’s where this may help

With the step-by-step plan inside the link, you’ll learn how to start generating high-ticket commissions on the side.

Setting yourself apart from the comp.
And setting yourself up for success.

You can realistically hit $10K months with this, part-time, because of the leverage big-ticket commissions brings your way.

But let’s dial things back a bit. You won’t get to $10K overnight.

Our first milestone for you will be to land your first $1K commission in the next 30 days or so, if you’re ready to do this, and can commit to the plan.

Right now, you even get a coach to help. (spots limited)

You in?

===> OK, yes, I’m in…

Have a great day!



Joseph Smith

Feel Like A Cog In The Machine?

Know there’s more out there for you?

It’s no surprise that many feel like a cog in the machine designed to make “other” people rich.

You ever feel that way too?

Here’s the thing…

If we’re not living life on OUR terms?

Then we’re likely stuck living our life on OTHER people’s terms.

And usually they don’t have our best interests at heart!

Yet, imagine…

A machine built for you? Designed around your ideal lifestyle. Built around living life on your terms.

One where you fire up your laptop from your home office or a coffee shop…

And you’re earning up to $10K plus per month, while working just a couple hours each day.

Sound too good to be true?

Well again, work is still required.

But it’s fun work, and it’s work that can reward you VERY well…

There’s also a learning curve to start.

Yet for many, this type of life has become their new, amazing reality.

It all depends on the systems we set-up and use each day…

===> Get more info here, ASAP


Hope this is helpful.

Joseph Smith

Side-Gig Is The New Job Security

Please read this important 411…

For years and years, people have dreamed of setting up “multiple streams of income” for themselves and their families.

That way?

If one income stream disappears, like an income from a job, or if a stock or real estate investment plummets…

You have several other streams up and running which you can still count on to cover your bills and to fund your lifestyle.

These days though?

Having multiple streams of income, or a side-gig that pays you well is not a luxury item or option anymore!

For many, it’s their new job security.

It means more financial stability in ANY economy.

It means more options and more freedoms.

Thankfully, if you know where to look?

It’s easier than ever before to set-up a nice extra income stream on the side, very part-time.

===> This 3 step plan is proven to work



You may fair best to look for as much leverage in a system as you can get.

Big Ticket commissions is one form of leverage. (see link above)


Having a sales team and funnels that close the big ticket commissions for you. (again, see link)

If it’s a fit for you…

===> This plan to big commissions may help


If you’re a real go-getter, you may get your first $1K commission in the next 30 days…

And can be well on your way to your first $10K month in the next 90 days, or maybe sooner?

Plus right now you get a coach and a guarantee.

Would be honored to have you join us.

Joseph Smith

Escape The Rat Race, With Ease…

Align these numbers with your goals, ASAP…

Many would love to fire their boss-hole and escape the 9 to 5 rat race as soon as is humanly possible.

Wherever you’re currently at…

A necessary patht to take is to realize the economics involved.

A simple way to do this? Is to think of it in terms of hourly pay.

If you’re in an online business and are only getting $7 commissions, how many “hours” will it take you to hit $334.00 per day?

(Which is roughly the daily income you’ll need to hit $10K months.)

What if you’re getting $97 commissions?
How many hours would it take then?

What if you found a plan where you are getting bigger commissions? Anywhere from $1K to $10K?

It wouldn’t take many “hours” to get to $10K months with big commissions like $1K to $10K, would it? 

This is the power of considering the economics of your business model.

It’s the difference between thinking, earning, and living like a low-wage employee, or a highly-sought-after CEO.

===> Earn, Live, and Play Like a CEO


If this is a fit for you, you can get your first commission up to $1K or more, as soon as the next 30 days.

You’ll need to be a real go-getter!

===> OK, I can put at least 30 to 60 minutes per day into this right now…


Hope this helps!

Joseph Smith

A Proven Blueprint

I don’t get this excited very often. 

But, this is just too awesome…

You already know that learning a skill like affiliate marketing can set you up for life.

Done right, it can make your wildest dreams come true.

I know you know this or else you wouldn’t be getting this email.

I discovered it some time ago, and the only thing I’ve regretted is that I didn’t learn it sooner.

Like anything new you start in life, it might be a little overwhelming because you don’t know what to expect.

But just take it one day at a time.

The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place eventually.

But if we’re being honest…

It helps if you have a proven blueprint.

One like this>>>

Many before you have tried this path and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams

So why not you too?

The good thing is that you have a 7-figure earner and his entire team to help you navigate the minefield of this industry.

Not everyone out there who says they are going to help you really do. But I can tell you first hand that the person you’re about to meet really does care

Are you ready?

It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for


Yours In Profits

Joseph Smith

People Happy To Buy From You

Here’s how to do it, starting now…

A truth many forget, especially if they’re struggling for sales?

People LOVE to buy.

Your CUSTOMERS love to buy.

Many of your ideal customers are likely buying something this very moment.

Will they be happy to buy from you?


Here’s the thing…

They’ll buy from you ONLY if you have a system in place to GIVE them what the want.

If you don’t have a “system” for selling?

Then you are at the mercy of the prospects “system” for buying – or not buying, from YOU.

And that’s not good if we want to near-guarantee we’re getting the monthly incomes we want, to live the lifestyles we want.

Hope this helps.

Open to following along with a proven system you can have great success with?

===> Get all the 411 here

Can start in as little as 30 minutes per day.

Plus there’s a guarantee.

The sales system is ALREADY in place to get you the results you’re after.

Here for you.



Joseph Smith

Got A Great Product ? Still No Sales ? ( Try This )

The secrets of the successful…

We can’t be a “fly by the seat of your pants” type person if we want to build a successful side business.

One that allows us to life a lifestyle of our dreams, without having to work at a j-o-b around the clock.

The top earners and highly successful?

They all live by systems.

Systems that consistently bring them leads and sales.

Systems that follows-up FOR THEM.

===> Systems like this one

Systems that sells their products consistently, day in and day out, with reliability.

Systems are the difference between running a “franchise” level business like McDonald’s.

Or like the local mom and pop burger shop around the corner, that’s struggling week by week to
keep their doors open.

Even though their burgers are much tastier?
They don’t have any SYSTEMS in place to bring them the income and lifestyle they want.

Fix your systems.

And you can change your life.

===> Check out this proven system

Here for you.



Joseph Smith

Want Side-Income ? Problems Starting Up?

A few simple steps can help…

If you’ve got decent income coming in, but want to set something up on the side for yourself?

Sometimes getting off the ground can seem overwhelming, can’t it?


And this is coming from the heart…

Usually, the stress and overwhelm is NOT the workload. It’s in thinking about it and not doing anything with the info we have learned.

It’s in staring at the same 2-hour task a dozen or two times, rather than just hunkering down and knocking the task out.

If this describes you in any way?

Take heart.

You’re not alone.


This is why it’s so important we all get the support and coaching we need to get us IN the game of doing.

Which will result in the results we truly want for ourselves… all while watching our stresses and anxieties of not doing what we want, melting away like butter on a hot biscuit. 

If you’re open to support?

===> Check this out, asap

You get support, a free coach, AND a proven system you can have full confidence in.

Hope this helps.



Joseph Smith

Success Always Seems To Just Elude You?

$10K months? Yes. Just do this to start…

Many are so close to success…

Yet to get there, you need to have everything 100% aligned.

Just like a LOCK.

If you get 1 of the 4 numbers right? It stays 100% locked.

Get 2 of the 4 right? It still stays 100% locked.

Get 3 out of 4 right? Still, 100% locked.

You must have ALL four digits to the code to unlock it.

This business is no different.

===> Unlock the code here

The product, the timing, the conversions, the economics…

Everything must ALL be aligned.

Do that, and you can watch your profits start to quickly soar.

===> Get started here, ASAP

You’ll learn how to unlock all the digits to the online “money code”.

Goal 1 is to land your first $1K big ticket commission in the next 30 days or so.

And if you’re a real go-getter, you can be at $10K months in 90 days, or maybe sooner?

How soon before you’d like to see your first big commission ‘notification’ hitting your inbox?

Rooting for you.



Joseph Smith

Do This And Change Your Life

Small shifts to big successes…

Upgrade your environment – even in a small way – and you may change your life…

Quite often?

Our environment and routine is linked to our past.

Changing that link requires changing up our environment and routine.

Upgrading our work space, working from a coffee shop, or from a posh hotel from time to time…

Attending masterminds, events, and being a part of support groups.

All of these things can jolt us into action and to getting the results we want for ourselves and our families.

This is one reason why attending masterminds in exotic locales is often life-changing for those willing to put forth the effort to SHOW UP.

Your environment is changed. Your routine is changed.

You’re around successful, like minded, positive people.

And you get to mingle with many millionaires and people DOING what you want to do.

(And yes, many will be open to sharing their “secrets” with you.)


Again, you can start changing your environment today. Even if it’s just something small.

Do it.

And if you need more support…

===> Go here and get more 411

Here for you.



Joseph Smith