Sales Sluggish? Try This 2 Minute Writing Tip

If sales are low and people aren’t hyper-engaged with your offer…

Quick writing tip for you today!

This may increase your daily sales.

And, it’s quite FUN for all parties involved!

All it takes is 1-2 extra minutes of “thinking” time.


I’ll tell you what it is in just a minute, but first, there’s something else you’ll need to be able to pull off to make this tip work.


Do you see what I did there?

I created what they call OPEN LOOPS.
And if I were to leave off revealing the “tip” to you for a different email? Then that’s what they call in the movies…


When we say we’re going to reveal something later, it creates an open loop in people’s brains.

And they nearly can’t NOT keep reading, or open the next email or message, until that open loop is closed!

Think of how many TV shows are famous for this. 24. Lost. Game Of Thrones, etc.

And if you do it right?

You can have 2,3, 4 open loops opening and closing all at the same time.

An important tip though, which many who try this miss out on… is you need to give the proper amount of PAYOFF.

You need to close the open loop.
And deliver on what you said you would.

But, it’s as simple as that.

Use this.

You’ll have more fun.

And you’re really helping your reader’s out too, because they’ll be more engaged. And, they’ll be more likely to read your stuff, and INVEST in the services and products you are offering.

===> This works GREAT with this system…



Joseph Smith