Buying Leads? Not Getting Sales?

Could you be giving up 3’ before the gold?


Depending on how far you can see with your “conversion glasses” on, will determine exactly how much you can earn!

For example…

Let’s say you’re just getting started in business, and you spend $200 your first month on online advertising.

After a week, none of your leads have turned into sales.


After a month, you got one sale for $49.
You chalk it up to a bad batch of leads and get discouraged and look for the next opportunity out there.

This causes you to stop emailing, to stop following up, to stop adding value to these people. It also causes you to stop investing in more advertising.

Your conversion glasses were only allowing you to see very short-sighted in the sales process.

Because… if you’d continued on without let up, what if one of these leads ended up investing over $10,000 from you?

Happens every. single. day.

Take the long road to sales.
Let your conversion glasses allow you to see past the first month or three…

You’ll thank me later if you do this.

It’s just like dieting. You can’t expect to lose 50lbs. after a week of doing things right.

The results aren’t immediately “visible.”

Yet, if you keep at it?

Pretty soon, you’ll start to see tangible, visible rewards for your continuous efforts.

True, it’s harder to make this work if the ECONOMICS of your business is all screwed up.

Trying to make a 6-figure plus income online by ONLY selling low-ticket services?

That’s as hard as trying to lose a ton of weight by only cutting 10 calories a day…

That’s why you need the ability to bring in a variety of sales… low, to mid, to high-ticket commissions.

Not sure if you have that set up already?
Where you can earn up to $1,000 per sale?

If not, I’d love for you to check this out:

===> YES! I’m ready for high ticket commissions by focusing on these simple daily steps…

You’ll follow a simple lead gen process, and as you just keep at it, you may see high ticket sales rolling your way very, very soon.

How soon from now would you like to see Justen pinging you and telling you that you just got your first big ticket commission?

Your first of many?

All the best.



Joseph Smith