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$10K Testimonial And Why I Love It

The likes and comments she’s getting is incredible! Her response though…

(Affiliate name) dropping by…

Nice lady recently posted up a screen-shot where she’s already pulled in over $10k.

Most of all that rolling in from one sale.

Now I LOVE seeing others succeed. Makes me giddy with joy seeing all the likes and congratulatory comments she’s getting…

Also has me fist-pumping in the air, because it means if one person can do it?

Then I can do it too. You can do it too.

In the comments, people started asking HOW she did it.

And she didn’t leave them hanging!

She revealed exactly how she did it. How anyone can do it. By revealing a link to a video she simply followed, step-by-step…

A link that all members to that private FB Group have, sitting in their member’s area, waiting for them to use…

And I’m sure most ARE right now, because it was so simple and easy to implement.

And that’s the difference between a failure and a success with anything, isn’t it?

Those who SEE the HOW, and keep on with the grind.

And those that SEE the HOW… and they go give it a shot, ASAP.

Want to know how she did it?

So you can DO IT too?

That’s the cool part of the support and the sharing freely given inside this business model… PLUS the clearly laid out plan inside the member’s areas on exactly what you’ll need to do to succeed with this…

===> It all starts here…



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30 – 60 Once ? Unlocks 10K Paydays ?

Try this if you are dissatisfied with your job, income, or any other area of your life…

30 to 60 minutes of doing this could result in an extra $10k a month in profits, ongoing…

In The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, there’s a villain that has a disorder called CIPA.

(Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis)

Basically means he can’t feel any pain.

Coupled with his boxing skills, it makes him a formidable and seemingly unbeatable foe.

It’s like he has a SUPERPOWER.

Yet, is it?

CIPA is a very real disorder.

Would seem great to be immune to pain, right?


People who have this disorder rarely live past their early years.

A baby doesn’t scream when it has a high fever, because it can’t feel anything.

Babies and poor little kiddos even gnaw off their tongues and rub their corneas raw, damaging their eye-sight for life.

In the later years…

They’ll break their legs, and not realize it till weeks later when they can’t walk.

Doesn’t seem so much like a superpower now, does it?

Crazy stuff.

Here’s the thing about PAIN.

It can SERVE us.
Acting as a beacon.

Informing us of an area of our life that needs our undivided attention.

Your superpower?

It’s your intuition. That “gut feeling”

you get.

And you tap into it whenever you sense the “beacon” of a pain in your life. And you don’t ignore it.

It gets your full attention.

Making sense?

The warning sirens of the pains in your life could start loudly chirping off in an area of your health, wealth, or relationships.

Maybe you’re always tired.

You rarely ENJOY your life.

Could be tired of arguing with people you love.

Making good income, but hate what you do.

All pains, pains, and more pains…

If you’re making decent coin? But when you look in the mirror, you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, knowing you could be doing and being so much more?

That’s the beacon of pain sounding its alarm.

It could mean YOU are living out of authenticity with the real YOU that YOU want to be, for YOU.

The question is…

What are you going to do about it?

Will you listen to the Beacon when it sounds its sirens for you?

Spending 30 to 60 minutes on this… Finding the current pains. The beacons sounding off right now.

Searching for any areas that you’re living out of authenticity with yourself.

And then brainstorming with a pad and pen the different solutions and things you can start doing right away…

That can be the turning point, the catalyst to building the dream income and lifestyle that you desire, deserve, and that is in full harmony with your awesome authentic self.

I’d LOVE for you to spend just 30-60 minutes on this, and then you’ll be ready to begin the path to financial freedom and prosperity, IF this looks to be a good fit for you…

Either way, I hope today’s note helps you!

===> Yes! I did the 30-60 minute exercise, now I’m ready to begin the path to my first $10k on the side…



Joseph Smith

Why How – To Doesn’t Put Food On Table

He’s bought a few courses, yet he’s just watching others doing it and getting all the results…

There’s a big crowd of people online called….

Sedated Success Spectators

They have the tendency to Buy. To watch others. And to do nothing themselves…

Searching high and dry for the perfect “HOW-TO” miracle that’ll hand them the result they’re after.

The reality of WHAT IS?
You never lack the how-to.
Most are lacking the ACTIVE, functional WANT-TO.
Achievement is about movement, not rumination.
A boy doesn’t want to clean his room. You wouldn’t give him a How To Clean Your Room manual.

The problem is the WANT-TO.

Making sense?
If someone came up to you and said they’d give you $1 million if you’d add 100 people to your email list in the next 30 days…
Or if you’d put up one FB Ad to drive leads to your website…

Or if you’d create an irresistible offer and tell at least 25 people about it…

Think you could do it?
For a million bucks?

I think we’d all find a way, right?

So it’s all about want-to.
Do we want it bad enough?

Will we CHOOSE to take action?
Or will we choose to remain on the sidelines?

It always boils down to the choices we make, and the actions we can take.

Asking yourself that million-dollar question whenever you’re stuck on doing something, can REALLY help put things into perspective!

To see… either I choose to get it done. Or I choose not to.

And it’s these choices that puts us in the exact spot we’re currently at in

our lives.
We choose.
We decide.
Isn’t live grand? 🙂

Not sure if you’d be open to a system that can bring you in steady paychecks up to $1k to $10K and higher?

It’s already paid out millions in commissions to teachers, retirees, students, folks from all walks of life.

So it WORKS and works WELL.

But you’ll have to CHOOSE whether to invest, go through the system, and let it work for you or not…

As always, the ball’s in your court.

===> Yes! Show me the system! I choose to get started and getting up to $10k sales…



Joseph Smith

Four Steps To Five Stars

Do you know how to get referrals?

Most people will experience a move, a change in co-workers, or a change in job—or else their line of work depends on their getting good referrals.

William Rutherford has broken this mystery down into four simple steps.

Cover these four bases, and your clients will sing your praises to whoever they can get to listen:

– Show up on time.
– Do what you said.
– Finish what you start.
– Say “Thank you.”

In the professional world, that’s all people want.

Fail in any one of these areas, and no gimmick, creative flourish, or brown-nosing will save you.

Not only are these the habits that make the 12 Minute Affiliate team so refreshing to work with, but our goal is to help you become this kind of person as well.

Whatever you do next—wherever you’re going—throw your lot in with us and become an e-business professional.

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Do This … And Never Call Out Fake Sick Again

Starting to work with The 12 Minute Affiliate Program is the perfect way to celebrate Easter season in the same vain as some of the major world religions.

Let’s be honest: eating chocolate eggs isn’t exactly ‘riddled with meaning.’

Jews celebrate the Passover by remembering their epic deliverance from slavery in Egypt.

Christians celebrate Easter by remembering the resurrection of their founder, Jesus, who frees his followers from ‘serving death’ by virtue of his resurrection.

Adherents to both religions find themselves grateful that God ‘knocked off’ their old boss and gave them a better one instead.

Although The 12 Minute Affiliate Program is unaffiliated with any major world religion, it certainly jives with one of the main themes:

Screw bad bosses—give us more life-giving work!

Imagine next Easter, when you can make this holiday more meaningful by celebrating your one-year anniversary of freedom from a boss who didn’t have your best interests in mind.

(And, there’s even better news: You won’t have to call in a false excuse to get the next day off work. It’s cool.)

We hope you’ll join us.

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Joseph Smith

I Had No Idea The Biggest Easter Egg Was That Big !

Following Halloween, Easter is the second-highest selling candy holiday in America. According to the National Confectioners Association, over 16 billion jelly beans are made each year.

The largest Easter egg ever made was over 25 feet high, out of over four tons of chocolate and marshmallow.

Before you say, “Man, America is weird,” I want to get to the more interesting stuff.

Popular culture is full of debates over the origin of Easter symbols like rabbits, eggs, and parades.

Some people read Christian symbolism—fertility and new life?—into these symbols, and others maintain that these simply come from German folklore.

At the end of the day, holidays are branding battles.

Christians want people to associate the symbols used to celebrate their holiday with the religious reasons for the holiday. Other communities want to separate the symbols from their possible religious meanings.

Branding is hard work, but there’s a science to it.

Whether you have a cause you want to fight for…
Or you want to learn how to write effective sales material…
Or simply want to make good money in brand management…

We’d love to get you there. There is no more effective training on the market than The 12 Minute Affiliate Program.

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This Is The Best Metaphor For The Internet

The Internet is a small apartment stuffed full of teenagers in business suits trying to get your attention.

They want you to start a free trial of this, half off your first box of that, three months free of … you get the picture.

And it can be a headache. A damn headache.

The reason it’s a headache is because we know that at least some of the things being advertised are good, even good for us.

But they can be annoying when they’re all smirking and winking at the same time.

Fact is, there are only two ways to get rid of the headache:
1. Never open your computer or walk outside.
2. Become content.

When you’re content, really content, the ads have no allure. When you are focused, fixed, and devoted in one direction, other ads look silly.

But when ads are alluring… it’s a sign that you want something that you don’t have.

And when you come across an ad like that, there are only two healthy ways to respond:
1. Unsubscribe.
2. Take it seriously.

Let me level with you.

If these emails don’t speak to something in you, unsubscribe. If they do, we need to talk.

Unless one of those two things happens, you’re going to perpetuate the headache that comes from being bombarded by ads.

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Joseph Smith

Salina Is A Firecracker Of Ecuadorian Pride

Salina is a live firecracker of Ecuadorian pride, with immaculate self-control.

She works at a bakery the next town over with the most obnoxious, young supervisor.

He’s less than half her age, and has less than half of her integrity.

According to Salina, he …
– doesn’t allow his employees bathroom breaks
– flirts with the younger girls and virtually ignores the older employees
– talks disparagingly about the older employees as if their quietness was a sign of indifference

The store’s franchise structure prevents her from registering a complaint that could be enforced against him.

And she doesn’t feel she’s in a position to find a new job. She says,

“I can’t find anything that works with my schedule to drive my boy to school in the mornings, and I don’t have the experience to get anything that pays better than a service job, so I think I’m stuck here.”

What do you think it takes to convince someone full of such fire and integrity that they have what it takes to make a better life for themselves?

That would make a great conversation—let’s talk about The 12 Minute Affiliate Program.

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Lauren Has Two Problems, And There’s One Solution

Lauren lives with her boyfriend and brother in Arizona, and she would like two things very much:

1. To get married.

But she and her long-time boyfriend have just finished expensive master’s degrees and their combined teaching salaries aren’t quite enough to fund a wedding.

2. To feel safe walking at night.

Her ideal living situation already isn’t ideal, but it isn’t even safe.

Their house has been broken into not once, but twice this past year. Because they can’t afford to move, they did the next most effective thing: adopt two big dogs.

She has her eyes set on a neighborhood 15 minutes west that they can’t quite afford to rent this year. She thinks that in a year or two, if she gets a promotion, they’ll be able to swing it.

But they might have to choose between a better neighborhood and getting married.

Money doesn’t solve all problems, but it solves some.

I wish, for Lauren’s sake, that she had a job that …
– Allows them to live wherever they can afford
– Has no income ceiling
– Allows her to work at night, and enjoy the outside during the day
– Gives her a chance to make money at night and on the weekends, to supplement her day job.

Which 2-3 problems could a job like this solve for you?



Joseph Smith

How To Break Out Of Novice-Hood

His clients were in t-shirts and jeans, but James was wearing a suit.

He is worried he over-dressed, and he’s worried about a few other things, too.

James just met with the co-owners of a wedding photography business in California, his first marketing consultancy client.

“I want to do a good job for them, but I don’t think they know how little I know about marketing.”

James is, by all counts, a novice. Still, he’s already made several major changes to the young business’ brand, expanded and integrated their web presence, and is hard at work making sure ‘the right people’ find them.

The business owners are paying $40/hour, and they are blown away by his work.

Here’s why.

James may be a novice, but he’s learned the one lesson he needed to break into the professional world:

Effective marketing isn’t magic; it’s a science.

Join James and hundreds of other novices today by using The 12 Minute Affiliate Program. Our 3-step, mentor-led toolkit is all that you need to start making ‘hand-over-fist’ money, and fast.

What’s stopping you?

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