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Why How-To Doesn’t Put Food On Table

He’s bought a few courses, yet he’s just watching others doing it and getting all the results…

There’s a big crowd of people online called….

Sedated Success Spectators

They have the tendency to Buy. To watch others. And to do nothing themselves…

Searching high and dry for the perfect “HOW-TO” miracle that’ll hand them the result they’re after.

The reality of WHAT IS?
You never lack the how-to.
Most are lacking the ACTIVE, functional WANT-TO.
Achievement is about movement, not rumination.
A boy doesn’t want to clean his room. You wouldn’t give him a How To Clean Your Room manual.

The problem is the WANT-TO.

Making sense?
If someone came up to you and said they’d give you $1 million if you’d add 100 people to your email list in the next 30 days…
Or if you’d put up one FB Ad to drive leads to your website…

Or if you’d create an irresistible offer and tell at least 25 people about it…

Think you could do it?
For a million bucks?

I think we’d all find a way, right?

So it’s all about want-to.
Do we want it bad enough?

Will we CHOOSE to take action?
Or will we choose to remain on the sidelines?

It always boils down to the choices we make, and the actions we can take.

Asking yourself that million-dollar question whenever you’re stuck on doing something, can REALLY help put things into perspective!

To see… either I choose to get it done. Or I choose not to.

And it’s these choices that puts us in the exact spot we’re currently at in

our lives.
We choose.
We decide.
Isn’t live grand? 🙂

Not sure if you’d be open to a system that can bring you in steady paychecks up to $1k to $10K and higher?

It’s already paid out millions in commissions to teachers, retirees, students, folks from all walks of life.

So it WORKS and works WELL.

But you’ll have to CHOOSE whether to invest, go through the system, and let it work for you or not…

As always, the ball’s in your court.

===> Yes! Show me the system! I choose to get started and getting up to $10k sales…



Joseph Smith

30-60 Once? Unlocks 10k Paydays?

Try this if you are dissatisfied with your job, income, or any other area of your life…

30 to 60 minutes of doing this could result in an extra $10k a month in profits, ongoing…

In The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, there’s a villain that has a disorder called CIPA.

(Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis)

Basically means he can’t feel any pain.

Coupled with his boxing skills, it makes him a formidable and seemingly unbeatable foe.

It’s like he has a SUPERPOWER.

Yet, is it?

CIPA is a very real disorder.

Would seem great to be immune to pain, right?


People who have this disorder rarely live past their early years.

A baby doesn’t scream when it has a high fever, because it can’t feel anything.

Babies and poor little kiddos even gnaw off their tongues and rub their corneas raw, damaging their eye-sight for life.

In the later years…

They’ll break their legs, and not realize it till weeks later when they can’t walk.

Doesn’t seem so much like a superpower now, does it?

Crazy stuff.

Here’s the thing about PAIN.

It can SERVE us.
Acting as a beacon.

Informing us of an area of our life that needs our undivided attention.

Your superpower?

It’s your intuition. That “gut feeling”

you get.

And you tap into it whenever you sense the “beacon” of a pain in your life. And you don’t ignore it.

It gets your full attention.

Making sense?

The warning sirens of the pains in your life could start loudly chirping off in an area of your health, wealth, or relationships.

Maybe you’re always tired.

You rarely ENJOY your life.

Could be tired of arguing with people you love.

Making good income, but hate what you do.

All pains, pains, and more pains…

If you’re making decent coin? But when you look in the mirror, you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, knowing you could be doing and being so much more?

That’s the beacon of pain sounding its alarm.

It could mean YOU are living out of authenticity with the real YOU that YOU want to be, for YOU.

The question is…

What are you going to do about it?

Will you listen to the Beacon when it sounds its sirens for you?

Spending 30 to 60 minutes on this… Finding the current pains. The beacons sounding off right now.

Searching for any areas that you’re living out of authenticity with yourself.

And then brainstorming with a pad and pen the different solutions and things you can start doing right away…

That can be the turning point, the catalyst to building the dream income and lifestyle that you desire, deserve, and that is in full harmony with your awesome authentic self.

I’d LOVE for you to spend just 30-60 minutes on this, and then you’ll be ready to begin the path to financial freedom and prosperity, IF this looks to be a good fit for you…

Either way, I hope today’s note helps you!

===> Yes! I did the 30-60 minute exercise, now I’m ready to begin the path to my first $10k on the side…


Joseph Smith

$10K Testimonial And Why I Love It

The likes and comments she’s getting is incredible! Her response though…

(Affiliate name) dropping by…

Nice lady recently posted up a screen-shot where she’s already pulled in over $10k.

Most of all that rolling in from one sale.

Now I LOVE seeing others succeed. Makes me giddy with joy seeing all the likes and congratulatory comments she’s getting…

Also has me fist-pumping in the air, because it means if one person can do it?

Then I can do it too. You can do it too.

In the comments, people started asking HOW she did it.

And she didn’t leave them hanging!

She revealed exactly how she did it. How anyone can do it. By revealing a link to a video she simply followed, step-by-step…

A link that all members to that private FB Group have, sitting in their member’s area, waiting for them to use…

And I’m sure most ARE right now, because it was so simple and easy to implement.

And that’s the difference between a failure and a success with anything, isn’t it?

Those who SEE the HOW, and keep on with the grind.

And those that SEE the HOW… and they go give it a shot, ASAP.

Want to know how she did it?

So you can DO IT too?

That’s the cool part of the support and the sharing freely given inside this business model… PLUS the clearly laid out plan inside the member’s areas on exactly what you’ll need to do to succeed with this…

===> It all starts here…



Joseph Smith

Tiny Efforts To Big Paydays?

The keystone to the lifestyle and profits you’ll be proud of…

Know what a KEYSTONE HABIT is?

There’s a plethora of great info about it already out there in the Google hemisphere…

The main thing I wanted to focus on, is the powerful ripple effect it can create.

A keystone habit is one tiny habit that is ritualized.

You do it, day in and out.

No matter what.
With ease.
And most importantly…

You’re Focusing On The Process, Not The Prize.

Here’s how…

Want to lose weight? Your cornerstone habit may be to go for a 30 minute jog every morning.

One guy decided to start surfing early each morning.

Before, he was having 3 drinks a night, and stayed up late. But he realized he felt terrible the next day.

That it was effecting his life. Because of this small daily ritual, now he limits himself to 1 drink. He gets to bed a bit earlier.

And because he’s started the day off on the right foot? He eats great the rest of the day. He gets more ork done.

Has energy by the truckloads now.
Making sense?

Want to learn an instrument? The keystone habit may be to practice guitar for 20 minutes a day, right after dinner.

This of course applies in business too…

Want to build a stable $10k and up per month business online?

Your keystone habit may be to spend an hour a day, every day, building your email list up.

Can you see the ripple-effect doing something like this could create??

You’re building your list every day now, so you may be more inclined to…

*Sending a daily email with an offer.

*Starting a blog and posting valuable content people will discover.

*Creating an irresistible bonus offer when someone inside your email tribe picks up an offer you have going on.

*You start seeing more daily sales rolling in, and decide to do more list-building, enough to eventually provide you the income to leave you j-o-b if you want.

The snowball effect keeps building and building stronger, all from one simple daily KEYSTONE HABIT.

Powerful, huh?

Getting leads and building your own email list? Not much of a better use of your time in building an online business.

And this 21-step system allows you to focus nearly SOLELY on that, because they take care of all the rest FOR YOU…


===> Yes! Show me how this works!



Joseph Smith

PS Right now, you’re also getting a coach, and once you’ve progressed through to the traffic step, you an even get a traffic coach, so you’ll have COMPLETE CLARITY on how to do this…

Not sure how long they’ll keep this offer up though? (coaching slots are very limited)

Easy Button VS. Reality Button

I’d prefer sticking to what works in getting to $10K plus months…

Ever remodeled a room in your house?

Like the kitchen?

It usually gets messy, dusty, downright chaotic in the early stages of the remodel, doesn’t it?


We EXPECT THAT to happen.

We know it’s a part of the process.

We willingly signed up for this…

After weeks or months of slapping up paint samples on the walls, adding in counters and cabinets and the like?


You stand back.
Looking at your masterpiece.

May even draw you to tears as you’re looking at the finished product. It was aaaaaaaall worth it.

True, it would’ve been nice to just hit an EASY BUTTON, and wham bam!

…The kitchen remodel is complete.
Doesn’t happen like that, does it?
Stuff happens.
Unexpected things creep up.

That’s reality. And I don’t know about you…? But I like to deal with REALITY.

Now, many people hop online and want an easy button for every piece of getting an amazing business like this up and off the ground.

I get it.
Easy always, sounds awesome.
Yet it’s not REALITY.
Making sense?
If you can come into this game viewing it like a Kitchen Remodel… that you KNOW can get messy from time to time?

And you know it’s 100% worth it because of the end result you’re after.

What the “remodel” will look and feel like to you when you’re seeing those results flowing in to your life?

Then… you can begin.
You’ll start.
You’ll adjust when you need to.
Because it’s WORTH IT.
Because you signed up for this.

I’m feeling you’re the type of person that can handle the truth and doesn’t mind a little messy to get to a lot of awesome?

I can’t 100% say how easy or hard this will be for you…

But only having to focus on #1 thing sure makes things a lot easier and simpler to me…


===> YES! Show me the details!



Joseph Smith

Step 1. A lot Of Walking

What would it take to survive the trip to Mount Doom?

You wouldn’t go by yourself of course, but with the whole company of elves, men, dwarves, and hobbits we all know and love.

(Lord of the Rings nerd moment — please bear with)

If you made it, you would win for yourself unimaginable glory.

You would be set.

And they’d do most of the work for you.

They’d fight the battles.
They’d bring the food.
They’d know the way.

So what would it take to join them?

Just two things that most people today cannot seem to do:

1. A lot of walking.
2. Not losing hope.

Our MTTB business owners are surrounded by capable teams of…
– Salesmen
– Web designers
– Product developers
– Order fulfillers
– Customer service reps
– Business coaches

And all they need from you is…

1. A lot of walking.
2. Not losing hope.

Can you manage to do those two things?

If so, I can’t promise you kingdoms and rare jewels.

Would you take consistent commissions in the $3000s, $5000s, and $9000s instead?

I hope so.

Click here.



Joseph Smith

Businesses Are Micro-Economies You Ask Why?

This blogging mom had a no good day.

Her words:

Today, my dog was diagnosed with a torn ACL. This costs $1500-$2500 to treat. Three months ago, he had heart worms. That cost $1400 to treat.

I adopted this dog from a shelter four months ago to help. I just feel more stressed and anxious.

We can say that the world is working right when people who do good have good done to them.

Call it providence, or karma, or the law of averages…

The world is a more pleasant place when ‘that force’ has its way, and a more annoying place when it doesn’t.

People lose hope in the idea that doing good yields good results, and so people have less incentive to do good.

Businesses are micro-economies.

They are places that–if run the right way–reward good work and punish bad work, so that their workers grow up with incentive to become better and better people, whatever is going on in the economy at large.

MTTB hopes to be such a micro-economy:

Follow the 21-steps we’ve hammered out, and that will pretty quickly set up a reliable and consistent monthly commission in the $1000s, $5000s, or $9000s.

No ceiling. No internal competition.

Just justice.

Click here.



Joseph Smith

It’s Cutco Season

It’s Cutco season.

Young men and women are graduating from high school all across the country, and they’re taking part in what has become an American rite of passage:

The mysterious letter from a company called “Vector.”

What it is, of course, is a job offer for a door-to-door sales position.

Don’t get me wrong– I think it’s good for young people to test their mettle in door-to-door salies. It helps them develop individual initiative, persuasive articulacy, and resilience in rejection.

But after these young people put in hours and hours pounding the pavement, all they’re left with is a big, “Thank you for making us money!”

The central major difference between building a business in MTTB and selling Cutco knives for Vector is a completely different end game.

Vector will give you some paychecks.

MTTB will set you up with continuous passive income streams.

If two graduates stopped investing their time in Vector and MTTB, only one of them would still be collecting checks at the same time next year.

How does that sound?

Click here.



Joseph Smith

Have You Ever Watched The Webby Awards?

Have you ever watched the Webby Awards?

It’s like the Internet equivalent of an Emmy or an Oscar.

The hands-down coolest part of the ceremony is this one rule:

All acceptance speeches must be less than five words.

Most speeches are kitschy and vanilla, but some of these winners find it in themselves to sound creative and show their personalities. Take a few examples:

Reuters TV: “News doesn’t have to suck.”
Clubhouse Studios: “In other news, we’re hiring.”
DDB Argentina: “Internet connects us. Trump doesn’t.”
Zillow: “Apartments cheaper than Hamilton tickets.”

The five-word constraint forces winners to use cultural shorthand that is only effective when it both…
– demonstrates an understanding of the current culture, and
– implicitly communicates their own brand

There’s a science to words.

Our affiliates learn from marketing whizzes whose sole job is to turn you into money-makers.


Click here.



Joseph Smith

I Had No Idea Professors Are So Unqualified

The other day, I met and sat down with a literature professor.

I was curious, so I asked him — What does it take to teach at the university level?

“Well,” he said, “you’ve kind of just got to get a Ph.D. In your Ph.D. seminars, you get a chance to present your papers, and that’s kind of it.”

That blew my mind.

I have friends who went to school to study education, and they got four-year degrees in it.

Made me wonder:

Is there anyone out there who is both (a) an expert, and (b) a good teacher?

I didn’t wonder long, because my mind wandered back to MTTB’s business coaches.

They don’t have Ph.D.’s, but they’re rich fools.

And we have them teaching the same system that made them their money. (We thought that would be a good idea…)

Expert-teachers aplenty, here.

Click here.



Joseph Smith