Why You Need To Move Your Car Right Now !

Last week, I got yelled at by a man driving a yellow truck.

I was about to go on a hike to clear my head when a Park Services vehicle came up and yelled, “You’d better move your car real fast!”

Confused, I asked him why.

In response, he pointed to the spot on the side of the road where I had just parked, and he said, “We had a rock slide just yesterday. And you know rockslides… It starts with the rain, and then mud, and then one rock falls…

“and another…

“and soon the whole sucker’s crushed and buried in dirt.”

Not wanting that to happen to my car, I politely thanked him and moved to a different spot.

The man’s story about the rockslides reminded me what important work we’re in at MTTB.

Everyone’s financial ruin—except a few unlucky people who have it all taken away in one fell swoop—begin with a little rain, and then mud, and then one rock falls… and another… and so on.

It happens when we least expect it, and no one seems to be prepared.

But why wait?

The rain’s coming, and you’d better move your car.

What I mean is, working a 9-to-5 job on a fixed income makes it difficult to save that buffer you need for when the rockslide begins.

With MTTB, there’s no ceiling. And with 21 clear, time-tested, money-making steps, you can make as much as you put in.

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Joseph Smith

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