Narrow Your Niche To Increase Your Income

Help others just like you and earn more.

Quick but valuable tip for you today!

Oftentimes, we fall in love with someone because we feel like they “get” us. They understand us and all our quirky ways.

The same principle applies online and to running a fun, lucrative business that positively impacts your life, and others too.

You want people to say, “Wow, they get me! They know what I’m going through.
What I want and desire!”

This is why it’s often recommended you “niche down” in your business.

It’s hard to relate and bond with a huge crowd. Like, with anyone who desires to build an online business.

It’s hard to SPEAK all their languages in your ads and marketing.

But if you’re focused on helping retirees, or under 30-somethings, then that 100% changes the game here.


“Bill’s worked hard his entire life. He’s raised great kids and now has a couple of wonderful grand kids, though he isn’t able to spend as much time with them as he’d like.

And now? His aches and pains are getting worse. Shuffling to the kitchen to get a glass of water seems like a chore these days.

Without being able to work a j-o-b like he once had the energy and health to do, he’s biting his nails, worrying he will have to rely on the government and his kids to take care of him in his golden years.

And he doesn’t want that.

He want to take care of himself, and he’s still got a few items on his bucket list he’d like to tick off.

That’s when he starting searching the internet and stumbled across…”

Again, that’s just an example here, and was quickly written. Can definitely improve on that!

But see the point?

That message wouldn’t relate to a 25 yr.
old that has different problems, like being stuck in a career for the next 25 years that he hates.

So, just a thought if you haven’t considered it yet.

Narrow down your audience.
See through their eyes.

What are their problems, pains, worries?
What keeps them up at night?

A good place to start?

If you’re a retiree, consider helping retirees!

If you’re a work at home mom, how about helping out other work at home moms?!

Then you’ll know you can relate. And this business will be a matter of you taking action and sharing your journey with folks just like you.

Hope this helps

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Joseph Smith

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