Is Competition Good Or Bad? (Depends…)

The one who does this usually wins.

Just like a new restaurant packed with people digging into their grub is a sign of good food?

A market/niche filled with competition is a great sign that it’s a HOT market you want to be in.

A market that’s full of hungry customers and massive demand.

Yet, for us to do well in these markets, we have to devise a way to stand out and grab our piece of the profit pie.

The best way to break away from the pack, IMHO, is to offer a higher value service… and as a result?

You also get a huge leg up over the competition.

Because, with higher profit margins, you’re able to outsped the competition to get a new customer!

This is huge.

If the lifetime customer value (LCV) of your competition is $297, then they can’t spend more than that on their ads to turn out any profit.

If your LCV is $1K up to $10K?

Do you see how that can help you scoop up plenty of the “green stuff” in your side-business?

===> That’s where this may help

With the step-by-step plan inside the link, you’ll learn how to start generating high-ticket commissions on the side.

Setting yourself apart from the comp.
And setting yourself up for success.

You can realistically hit $10K months with this, part-time, because of the leverage big-ticket commissions brings your way.

But let’s dial things back a bit. You won’t get to $10K overnight.

Our first milestone for you will be to land your first $1K commission in the next 30 days or so, if you’re ready to do this, and can commit to the plan.

Right now, you even get a coach to help. (spots limited)

You in?

===> OK, yes, I’m in…

Have a great day!



Joseph Smith

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