Downside to being an interweb marketer

Working from home sounds awesome, right?

No crappy commute.

No cramped cubicle.

No 8 to 6 lockdown.

No badgering boss.

No downsides, right?


In fact, working from home might be a really bad idea for you.

Here are two questions you must answer honestly before you even try…

  1. Can I handle the isolation? It can be lonely. If you’re a flaming extrovert, beware. It will be almost impossible for you to stay focused in 4 walls.
  1. Do I have the discipline? This profession comes with far more distractions than working at an office where everything is structured to help you focus on work. And if you allow yourself to get sidetracked – you don’t get paid.

Made you think, huh?


You still want to get going fast?

You’d still like see the look on your bosses face when you file 2 week notice?

Well, I be damned!

Hurry up, get everything you need right here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith


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