How to be the best in business and still get paid pennies

“Damn it Andrew! No!”

That was me when Andrew revealed his “masterplan”.

While at a bar yesterday, the topic of business came up.

He is a dietitian and in my humble but accurate opinion, the best in town.

Yet his new business plan was a joke.

Here’s what it’s all about.

He’s from Germany and a while back he read a book from a nutritionist living there.

Andrew learned a ton from the book so he decided to translate it.

Great idea so far.

Yet, a single question and everything fell apart:

“How much are you going to make per book?”

“After the author, the publishing house and everyone else gets paid, I will make one buck per book.”

“Damn it Andrew. No!”

“Huh? Why? That’s what you always talk about. Create something that prints money while I sleep. What’s bad in that?”

Oh man.

Where to start?

Here is why it’s a bad idea.

He can’t outsource the translation cause the book is highly technical and in German. He has to translate it himself and will take him around 100-150 hours. He also has to advertise the book via ads, radio shows, and TV. These are extra hours wasted.

Yet his return is one freaking buck per book.

If he makes $50 per hour as a dietitian, he needs to sell 5,000-7,500 books just to make up for the time he spent on translation.

Yet he is under this illusion that the business “opportunity” is a solid one.

And you know what?

Joining thefearlessmomma helps you make smart choices that leverage your time and create big earning for any amount of effort you put in.

This way you can expect to work four hours per day and still outearn Andrew who works 12 and is the best at what he does.

At the end of the day, it’s not about mindlessly working hard.

It’s about working smart without hating yourself ten years from now.

Learn how to leverage your time here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Just got a phone call from Andrew.

He asked if I know a good lawyer.

“Why man? What’s wrong?”

“I did some calculations and the total hours needed are 300. I can’t invest that much time. Yet the contract puts me in some legal hot waters if I don’t finish the translation.”


That sucks.

The whole thing looks like a job.

I am not sure whether he will get out or force himself to finish the translation.

And he could have avoided all that.

By keeping his eyes open, not for time suckers that are dead end jobs in disguise, but decent business opportunities.

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