Wake Me Up When All The Scams End

Every day, people complain about scams.

They Google “make money online”. They see a flashy website and get impressed. “It’s so pretty! It must be legit!”. They hop on the “opportunity”. Everything seems great.

But the coach is unavailable.

The promised results are atypical.

And they need to spend more money just to make pennies.

Sure you can complain about scams.

But how do you become a victim in the first place?

By doing zero research beforehand.

And you know what?

I fell victim to a scam once, all because of zero research.

I found this long forgotten program.

The guy with the Hollywood smile promised tons of money by the end of the week.

He hit all my pain points and presented his “solution”.

I joined by paying a hefty amount of cash.

But when I was in, the smiling guy proved to be a model. The whole “community” was me and three other idiots. The customer support was nowhere. No 30-days money back guarantee. And the missus wanted some explanations.

I didn’t lose everything like others.

But my self-esteem was injured.

Ever since that day, I decided to never become a victim again.

And after lots of research and trial and error, I found a decent company that I have been with ever since.

Here it is. https://thefearlessmomma.com/welcome/money777jb

Joseph Smith

P.S. Want another way of finding scams?

Try asking the company a bunch of questions about their opportunities.

Ask as many details as possible.

Chances are they will be dodgy or go from excited to angry in their replies.

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