Why You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Go To Grad School

I’m going to teach you a lesson about money using a real-world example.

Graduate school.

Before WWII, graduate programs were for the intellectually elite – for young kids who worked hard, demonstrated their intellectual acumen, and won funding to continue their studies.

Post-WWII, colleges and grad programs are no longer competitive in the same sense. Liberal arts programs are going online or closing their doors because the competition’s been turned upside down:

Students aren’t competing to get into schools; schools are competing to attract students.

So who wins?

Whoever can afford to go.

Goodbye, merit system. Hello class divide.

Now, your money gets you into Oxford or NYU.

(If no one signs up, there are just a lot of lonely tweed-jacketed herds of nerds without students.)

Moral of the story: If you want a top-notch education and a credential, you can go buy one.

Just another sign that the world is increasingly falling into the hands of people with money.

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Joseph Smith

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